Friday, August 02, 2013

Highly prolific...

Soon after I sent my psychiatrist the email asking him if I could decrease the antipsychotic medication, he sent me one in return with the answer that I could, so when it was time to take the next dose, I took the lesser one. Of course, I imagined that I could tell the difference immediately, but that is just a bunch of silliness, because I won't really be able to for a couple of days. 
I will notice the real difference after about one week and be really aware of it and settled into the new dose after two weeks, because that's how long it takes to get used to it.  I mustn't try to imagine any sort of big effect before that time.
I don't know if I will go through any sort of withdrawal symptoms, although you don't really get addicted to this kind of medicine. It's not like when you use sleeping pills or tranquilizers and you try to get off those, although I do always get off them successfully.
It is a good thing that my psychiatrist always is in favor of me taking less pills instead of more. He never minds me decreasing the dose as long as he thinks it's not going to get me into trouble. He believes that there is a minimum dose of pills that you should function on and that the higher one should be used only in case of emergency.
The one thing that is important, is that nothing out of the ordinary should happen right now, because I don't want to become upset while I reduce the dose. I don't want anything to upset my equilibrium. Life is full of surprises, of course, and you can't control events, but I can control my exposure to them as much as possible. I will only have to do that for two weeks and then I will be fine.
I do wish I had something or someone to help guard me against life when I am vulnerable like this, but I am in the frontline. I can catch the first blows if any are dealt out.  I've got to be tough enough to take that. There are no buffers.


Rob-bear said...

Strange; very strange, actually. About your doctor who believes that "there is a minimum dose of pills that you should function on and that the higher one should be used only in case of emergency."

This is the second time in the last few weeks I've come across the notion of a minimum dose. The other comment also came from a mental health professional. It was to the effect that the most which the majority of us can expect in this world is a mild dose of neurosis. Our world is that much of a mess. Hence the need for a minimal dose of something to help us cope.

Bear, puzzled, shakes his head. And feels very uncomfortable.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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Gail said...

I wish you well with this. I have the greatest confidence in your ability to handle it.

Z said...

I didn't read it as the psychiatrist meaning that everyone should take medication, Bear, only those who have been prescribed it for a long-term problem? Maybe I misunderstood.

But anyway, Irene, I'm sure that you deciding, with consultation, how much to take and thereby taking some control of your condition must be a good thing. You're very self-aware and I do wish you a peaceful time while you adjust.