Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Preconceived ideas.

I first made a pot of coffee that was two thirds decaf, but I sat here drinking a cup as if it had no effect on me whatsoever, in other words, in a zombified state. I knew I had to take another measure and made a pot of regular coffee, and now I am a bit more alert and capable of sensible thought.
Sometimes you have to boycott your own system to get through a rough spot. You can always go back to it when the sailing is smoother. No doubt that will be in the morning after I have had a decent night's sleep and I do have to say, despite what I may have claimed before, that regular coffee tastes better than decaf.
I got the letter with the appointment for the rheumatologist in the mail today and it isn't until the 24th of October. I think that's an awful long time to wait, but since I'm not a dire emergency, I suppose it doesn't matter. I can take care of my bum knee in the meantime. I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in the morning and can't wait to hear what he will have to tell me. I assume he will send me for another MRI scan and that I will have to go throigh the same procedure again.
The lotion that I have for the psoriasis on my head is helping a lot because I apply it faithfully, although I have a few stubborn spots that won't budge. I have to be careful and try not to apply the lotion too often because it is a cortisone one, but if I don't use it for a day, the psoriasis comes back immediately. I also apply an ointment on and behind my ears and those spots have cleared up completely. I am no longer constantly scratching them.
I have very swollen fingers, but at least they don't hurt right now and that is a blessing. I used to think that was an allergic reaction and always tried to figure out what I had eaten that I was allergic to. It was quite a puzzle. I know better now and don't worry my head about it anymore. It usually happens during the night and in the early morning, so it is a predictable thing. Now that I have some idea of what I am dealing with, I better understand the symptoms. There are no more stabs in the dark.
If you don't know what you are dealing with, you should not try to diagnose yourself, because you may be way off the mark. But it is good to be well informed once you do have a clue.

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