Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I bought mandarin oranges and bananas and strawberries, enough to last four days. I wanted to get honeydew melons too, but all the ones I pushed their bellybuttons off, were not ripe enough. I decided to wait a while before I buy them. I had a banana and a mandarin orange for lunch and Tyke thought that was mighty interesting seeing as though he never sees me eat fruit, and of course he had to have some of it too.
He thinks he likes it and when it was gone, he sniffed everywhere to see if there was more. He was much disappointed when I brought the peels to the trash and he didn't get them. I don't think I can trust him around the bowl of fruit and I've put that high on the kitchen counter. Gandhi won't touch it, she doesn't like fruit. I haven't tried olives with her yet, but I've heard that cats like them. I don't care for olives, so that's why she hasn't had them yet.
I also bought four packages of Potato Slices Provençal to fry up, and several sorts of vegetables that all look good enough to eat, ha ha! I took my time choosing them, because I wanted them to be the kind that I really wanted to eat and not something that was just acceptable and would do. And of course I've got applesauce and this time I bought Grandma's kind. I bet it's going to taste great.
My imagination didn't go much further than four days and that is how much food I got. At least I get to pick out exciting things again on the fifth day and maybe I will be more inspired then and have cravings for other foods.
I also picked up calcium with vitamin D and K tablets. Since I won't be eating any milk products, I thought that was important. I also take vitamin C and an All in One vitamin tablet. Every morning both Tyke and I take probiotics, Tyke takes his capsule with a slice of lunchmeat. He is not a vegetarian. If I could give a probiotic to Gandhi, I would do it.
I am fine now having decreased my medication and am not bothered one bit anymore. I have also stopped taking the 10 mg tranquilizer at night and feel much better for it. All I have to do now, is get off the sleeping pill, but there is time enough to do that. Rome wasn't built in one day.  


Z said...

This all sounds a delicious diet. I know one has to take more care to have a balanced diet when cutting out whole food groups, but if you enjoy what you're eating, that'll be part of the interest

Maggie May said...

Try and balance the fruit with other things. You do need carbohydrate, fat and protein in some form even tiny amounts!
I look in my paper everyday to see what weather you are having and I see you are still in a heatwave.
We are cooler now with clouds and showers. Better to get around in.
Maggie x

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