Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knocking your socks off.

I saw the GP yesterday and she told me what I already knew, namely that the test results for rheumatoid arthritis had come back negative. But, she said, there was enough concern to refer me to the rheumatologist because there are all sorts of rheumatism. I will get a letter in the mail soon with an appointment. In the meantime, I am to continue with the paracetamol and the ibuprofen and the stomach tablets that protect me from those medicines. They do help me and make my life so much more comfortable.

I like seeing the female GP better because she takes me more seriously and seems to be better informed. I always got the feeling from the male GP that he wanted to get me out of the office as quickly as possible. I doubt I will ever go see him again unless it's an emergency and I have no choice. He is the one who very briefly examined me and told me I had sprained a ligament when I had torn my meniscus.
I have visited the website of the Rheumatism Foundation and looked at all the different kinds of rheumatism and I have some idea of the kind I have. I will have to keep that idea to myself until I see the rheumatologist and find out what he has to say.
Speaking of food, which I was not, of course, I have been eating all sorts of pasta dishes this week and have liked that very much. I have put all sorts of sauces through the pasta and mostly they have all been a success. The most simple one was a tomato one with Italian herbs. It tasted okay, but it has also been the most boring one. I do get to try out my taste buds and what appeals to them most.
Next week I am going to be eating rice dishes and I am going to buy a big bag of basmati rice. I am going to try Indian,Indonesian and Mexican rice. I have been looking up recipes and getting ideas. I don't know which one I am looking forward to most because they all sound good. Since there is no gluten in rice, I hope I am bothered less than I have been by the pasta. That has been one drawback.
I am drinking a tall glass of unfiltered apple juice and it's time to eat something. I think a sandwich will do.



Wisewebwoman said...

So relieved to hear it is not the bad sort of rheumatism.

I love experimenting with cooking and recipes and sometimes shock myself with how good my creation is so I write it down.


Z said...

Just catching up, I haven't read blogs all week. Glad to hear your test results are negative.

I love rice dishes, let us know if you come up with any good recipes :)