Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It must be so...

I had my hair cut this morning and, although I didn't have very much taken off, I think I am happy with it. I don't go into shock when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror anyway. I think the girl who cut my hair was disappointed that she didn't get to cut off more of it. She stood ready with the scissors and the comb to tackle the job. She was done very quickly, and as a result I only had to pay her very little money. It's so nice when you get a financial break.
I want to wash my hair with the silver shampoo, but then I have to be patient enough to let the suds stay in my hair for 5 minutes or so, and lately I have not felt like doing that. It is really a very small effort and I ought to do it today. I will like the color of my hair afterwards, but I really have to motivate myself to sit quietly and wait for those 5 minutes.
I am having some coffee, because I was hitting a low in my energy level. I have been keeping myself busy with banking affairs and it was quite intricate work. As a rule, that's just the kind of job that's right up my alley and I enjoy doing it, even when I run into the odd frustration. I like to solve problems and am good at it. It doesn't bother me as long as it is work that I do for myself and I understand what I am doing.
I swear that coffee makes me sleepier instead of more alert, because now I am starting to yawn and that was not the purpose of drinking it. I may have to take a nap instead of washing my hair. I've got to put a clean duvet cover on my bed to make the experience extra special. I want one that smells like the outdoors.