Thursday, August 08, 2013


It's interesting, but it seems that when I take a melanin tablet before I go to sleep and do wake up prematurely for some reason, I am in a much better mood than I would normally be. This time I woke up because there was the sound of an explosion and Tyke barked twice in response. I still don't know if it was a clap of thunder or something else, but I do know that I don't mind being awake and it has been a while since I have felt like that in the middle of the night.
I put my bathrobe on first thing when I got up, because it had been freshly laundered and I wanted to luxuriate in it, but it was much too warm to wear and I have just now taken it off. Having a lightweight robe is still on my list of things I want to get, but I first have to win some money in the lottery. Luckily, I always have the hope that I will once a month, so you can't take that fantasy away from me. It is worth the monthly investment to cherish this hope.
One thing I have found out since I started eating sensible foods, is that I have to eat enough of it. I can't diet in the sense that I can limit the size of the portions. I really have to eat until I am full and not stop before that time. This is alright because what I eat is healthy, but I can't really eat with the idea that I am going to lose weight. Not that it is important.
I physically and mentally don't feel well until I have eaten enough food. That means that I am using up the food that I had bought at a quicker rate and that I will have to go back to the grocery store sooner than I anticipated. I don't mind doing this, because I have a good idea of what I want to buy now and what I enjoy eating. Fruit is a quick pick me up, but in itself is not very filling. Potatoes and legumes are very successful. I could not do without carbohydrates.
My mental state is very important to me and I give a lot to have it be healthy. I am sure that my diet has a lot to do with that. Feed the body, feed the mind, and all that. I think if you eat foods that you have some sort of negative reaction to, you should quit eating them, even if it is very subtle and you are willing to put up with it. You have to pay close attention to how your body and mind react to different foods and see if you don't fare better without them. Very often you have an addiction to the very food that is bad for you.

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