Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things to do when idle.

I have downloaded the latest free AdAware Anti Virus program in the hope that it would find and take care of all the cookies that I had picked up and that I thought were slowing down my PC. I did a scan after I installed it, but it did not find any, so I think there must be a hitch in the system. I already had the free Avast Virus Scanner, so maybe it has been doing the job all along. 

I also downloaded and installed the latest version of Google Chrome because I was tired of Firefox not remembering my tab pages and taking much too long to open. I suppose I was ready to be a bit more assertive when it comes to the operation of my PC. When you can not be successful in one area of your life, you have to try and be it in another. 

I do like this browser, also because I installed it in English and now it is not spell checking all my words as wrong. That is how simple this problem turned out to be and another mystery is solved. I never could figure that out before. 

Although today was officially a work day, I did not get sent any work to do. Of course there are jobs that I can not do on my PC that will have to be done on the future office Mac. I feel very frustrated sitting at home not doing anything because I would really like to know what my job is all about. I really wonder what sort of a Mickey Mouse operation I have landed in. Whatever my boss was, she was not ready for an assistant. 

I am taking two tranquilizers a day and they are keeping me on an even keel. I did not get them for that reason. They were only to be used occasionally when the need was high. I will discuss my use of them with my psychiatrist tomorrow and hope he approves. Right now, I do not know of another comfortable way to get through the day. I do so appreciate the calming influence of them. 

I have had belly cramps all afternoon and it has been like I am in early labor without relief in sight. I feel that I should have a hot water bottle and curl up with it on the sofa but I have no such thing handy. It would be a good thing to get the next time I am in the drugstore. My stomach and belly are definitely sensitive areas when it comes to being influenced by stress, although I guess it is better than having a kink in your neck and shoulder. 


Gail said...

May you feel better soon.

Rob-bear said...

The day had some creativity to it. That's good.

I hope you soon feel much better!

Wisewebwoman said...

You are so savvy with the computer, I fall behind you.

PS feel better, that's an order.