Thursday, January 17, 2013


I finally received the texts I have to translate for my work in a format that I can open and I started to translate them last night and will have to finish them this morning. They are not difficult to do but I do need a bit of imagination and sense of creativity. In other words, I do have to think like a writer and  determine what makes the most pleasant sentences to read. 

I have not needed a  Dutch-English dictionary up to now and frankly, do not own one so I have to translate from the top of my head. Luckily, I do have enough grip on the language to be able to do that. Writing this blog all this time and reading other blogs has helped keep my English up to par. This especially counts for the more inetlligent blogs. 

After putting some thought into it, I realized I was not dealing well at all with my "foot drop" and decided that I needed to accept my situation and go back for another talk with my GP. I did that yesterday afternoon and although he was suprised to see me again, he did understand the purpose of my mission. 

One thing that we have decided to do is for me to try the ankle/foot brace which is a very simple contraption which fits inside a shoe and is barely visible and will give me some stabilty when I walk Tyke or do any kind of walking for a longer distance. This is partially paid for by my medical insurance if it is a condition that will last longer than six months. If it is too expensive, I will not get it and rely on the walking cane. 

The really nice thing, speaking of priorities, was that the winter coat that was on sale arrived yesterday and it turns out to be even prettier than I thought it was going to be. It is a real good quality coat and it shows in every way. It fits me prefectly and I wore it almost right away when I took Tyke for his afternoon walk. I felt like a picture of fashion and that is not easy to achieve at my age.

I expect the walking cane to be delivered today but I hope it gets here on time because I will be at work later in the day. I do look forward to my first day at work but have the feeling I have already started because of the translating work. 

I do not know how I will actually feel about using the cane. I may feel a bit uneasy at first but I hope it will help me walk better. It will be difficult to use now that there is so much snow and I will wait until that is gone. I have to be careful anyway right now because it is a bit slippery outside. The streets are turning icy because of the cars driving on them and the friction of the tires making them so.

Oh, by the way, My GP calculated my BMI and it is 20 and I am not supposed to lose anymore weight. I have been told to use whole fat products and to use real butter on my bread.


Wisewebwoman said...

Wow, what a BMI!

So sorry your camera is not working, would love to see pics of shoes and coat.

Good luck with your foot. Unfortunate timing but it sounds like the job is interesting you!!


Maggie May said...

You are lucky having a BMI so low and I would love to be on a diet like that...... but my BMI is much higher than yours so I am having to watch my fat input.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

VioletSky said...

oooh, lucky you - being told you must use butter!!
I have a couple of walking sticks that I thought would help with my balance while hiking but it took a long time to get used to using them, so now they decorate an umbrella stand by my front door.
Of course, maybe if I did more hiking, my BMI would be a bit less, too....

Gail said...

I have been having trouble with my left ankle swelling sometimes to the knee depending on what I've done.

I rest little so elevating is so little there is no help. Now I have a rash there. What is going on???