Friday, January 25, 2013

What you do when you are not working.

Tyke is lying as flatly spread out on the linoleum in the hallway as is possible and is sound asleep. He did not even hear two dogs bark at each other outside a while ago although they were quite loud. I took an afternoon nap and he did too and it always seems to put him sound asleep until dinnertime. At least he made it halfway to the living room from the bedroom where he started off. I guess it was too much effort to make it all the way over here. I could scoop him up with a shovel, but I will let him sleep for now. 

The Exfactor was here this morning and made a very easy contraption to fix my walking stick to the frame of my bike so I can take it with me wherever I go. Actually, I think as long as I wear comfortable, flat heeled shoes and boots, I will not need the stick. When I was looking on the shelf system in the guest bedroom, I discovered some boots with flat heels that I had forgotten about and I will be able to wear them soon, although they are not nearly as pretty as my high heeled ones. 

I have misplaced my digital camera and have looked in every possible spot in the apartment twice already. Every place that I could conceivably think of has been checked and I have sat and pondered over it several times. I remember putting it some place safe before I went to Houston, but I do not remember now what that safe place was. I suppose that this is the first sign of advanced age.

The Exfactor had gotten me a memory card reader because I had lost the cable to connect the camera to the computer and it is, of course, the perfect solution and all I have to do is find the camera. The apartment is not that big and I am a pretty organized person so you would think that this would be not so hard to do. I am going to find it in the one spot where I repeatedly have not looked and that is the place that I am trying to think of now. 

The first 100 km marathon on natural ice was skated today. I only watched part of it because it took forever. I will have to watch the most exciting parts of it on the sports news (the start, the middle, the finish). And all the times they fell down because of the big cracks in the ice, of course.


Wisewebwoman said...

I hate when that happens, you find a safe spot for something and then never find it again.

Exfactor is very creative dreaming up a way to attach stick to bike.

Enjoy your day off. Did you hide any other stuff when you left for Houston, you might have put them all in the one place.


VioletSky said...

You would think I'd learn not to put anything away 'in a safe place' because I can rarely find it again if I do!
I can well imagine that marathon would be long - even if they are all skating!