Sunday, January 13, 2013

That did not quite work out.

I had several midnight appointments with the toilet because I had decided to try to eat several bowls of low fat yoghurt. I had not eaten that for quite a while and decided to try it to see what would happem. I sure enjoyed eating it and thought I had died and gone to heaven but it is usually the food that you like the most that causes you the problems. I had sugar in it to sweeten it up and it went down very easy but that's all I will say about it. 

Luckily, I am able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, so all is not lost, and I do get my small share of milk products. I also bought some wheat flour tortillas and am making quesedillas with them in the microwave and they taste very nice too. 

I did the grocery shopping yesterday but decided to go to the drugstore first to avoid the expensive prices for deodorant and hairspray that the supermarket charges. Luckily, I ran into a two for one sale and my choices were quickly made. I also got some eyedrops for Tyke because he got some dirt and dust in his eyes that had made them irritated and red. I had flushed them out first but that had not helped enough. 

He was good about me putting the eye drops in which have a natural herbal extract and I will use them until his eyes are better. He is such a trusting dog and assumes that I will not do anything to harm him. 

The weather has finally turned colder here after it has been very mild for the time of year. The temperature lies around freezing now and I do need my hat and scarf and gloves when I go out. Luckily, the sun has been shining in a bright blue sky and that does cheer you up, although it is quite cold in the shady spots but if the wind does not blow, it is quite bearable.

I have discovered several good websites on which designer shoes and boots and purses can be bought and they are not imitations but the legitimate brands. You have to look for the sale items there and sometimes you can find very interesting things. You feel that you are buying products that have quality and class and are not made from imitation leather that are shoddily stitched together.

I found a pair of shoes for this summer that have a unique design and that were very low priced. I am sure I will see no one else wearing them. I also found a bag that was 50% off and that I normally would not have been able to buy. It has style written all over it. Now that I have a legitimate job in the art world, I feel that I have to dress the part.

I will take my medicines now and eat breakfast. Tyke will be ready to go for his walk soon. We may get some snow today but I really hope not because chances are that the sidewalks will get slippery and I will have to wear unflattering boots. I do so dislike that.

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Gail said...

New purses, new food, new you!