Monday, January 14, 2013

Bright eyed and fairly bushy tailed.

Yes, I am up and the charm of the early morning is not lost on me. I do appreciate the silence before life has really started in the neighborhood and here, even the animals are still asleep. They are more sensible than I am and do know what this time of the early morning is meant for and that is not for dtinking coffee and sitting around in your bathrobe. 

I have to go to the store early today and to the pharmacy as well. I only bought one package of tortillas and I am eating them rapidly. I find them a good alternative to bread and think they are delicious folded over with cheese in them and heated up in the microwave. I have to buy at least four more packages if I want to last the week.

I also have to pick up some medication, one of them being my stomach tablets which I absolutely can not do without. I have to be back on time before my personal helper gets here. Although there really no longer is a reason for her to come here, I do enjoy having a cup of coffee and a chat with her. We are just putting off the inevitable and that is that she stops coming here. 

I went on the bathroom scale this morning and saw that I have lost three kilos since last month. I do not do this on purpose, so it is a surprise to me also. I really do think that I have lost enough weight and I do not need to weigh any less than I do now. For how tall I am, this is perfect and within reason. The portal to my gastric band is sticking like a big bump from my stomach. 

I am glad that the weekend is over, although I did not experience it as something bad to get through. I am excited about getting the week started because good things will happen. The best part about this weekend was that we did not get any snow, although some was promised. I can easily do without it and would not mind not hasving any this winter. 

I am expecting a shoulderbag to be delivered later this afternoon and I can not wait for it to get here because it will be the nicest one I will have owned until this time. I have decided to concentrate on bags and shoes for now because I have enough clothes that fit me. I remember my mother going through a phase like this and I must be taking after her.

I must eat and take my medicines now. My stomach is growling.


Gail said...

Improvements on all fronts. Keep it coming!

Irene said...

With age, I only get better, Gail. But now some parts are not working as well!