Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Keeping the loose bits together.

Because of my low income, I am exempt from paying city taxes and another benefit of that is that I get 20 free trash bags which normally cost 1.50 Euros a piece. I think that is a kind enough gesture not to pass up. They will last me 20 weeks and that is a long time. I also do not have to pay the dog tax for Tyke and he wears his tag for free which goes to show you that nice things also do happen.

Another good thing is that I get a 100 Euros every year toward the costs of my Intenet connection.  I must mention these kind of things more often because something like this is the little bit of extra income that makes the difference. Once a year I also get an extra bonus for people who are on the lowest income permanently. I do have to appy for that, because if you do not know about it, it may escape you completely, but this will be the second year that I get it.

Because I permanently use medication, I also get a sum of money to offset the cost of that every year. This anount of money has very often saved me out of a dire financial situation coming as it does at the end of the expensive time of the year. Then of course there is the vacation money that you get at the beginning of the summertime and which you have saved up for all year round and that is taken directly out of your monthly check. That is another extra that you are usually in dire need of. 

In this way, I make ends meet because I put all the extras in my savings account and use whatever I need for unforeseen situations such as getting Tyke trimmed and whatever else comes along. He will, for example, have to be permanently fixed this coming summer and I will have the money for it. 

Speaking of money and spending it frugally, this morning the Exfactor and I are going to the Recycle Store which has moved locations, and we are going to see if there is a closet for the spare bedroom that my American ex will be able to use when he comes to stay here in March so he will be able to unpack his suitcases and put his clothes away safely without the danger of having Gandhi lie down on them.

I hope to find something similar to what I have in there now for my clothes which is a wardrobe from the 1920's which has a mirror in the door and that I painted a glossy black with green trim. It may be hard to come by, though, and a bit expensive. In that case, plan B will apply and any closet will be bought and painted in the proper colors. 

It is nice to pretend that you are organized and that you have your s**t together. It makes you feel so virtuous. If you pretend long enough, you actually are. 


Wisewebwoman said...

I'd like if you posted a pic of your wardrobe. How creative!

I have a kind of room that thrills me. In it is my washer, dryer, racks for drying, chest freezer used to fold dry clothes, and floor to ceiling shelves and a small rod for clothes. It is also my walk in clothes closet.

I love how I came up with the idea for this room. It totally works for me.

You are very organized for March.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I have been reading your comments on WWW and thought I would check out your entries.
3 years ago when I lived in the big city a young woman stayed across the street in my son's home.
He was out of the country. She was from Netherlands and I enjoyed her so much as she would eat with me many evenings. Debbie was her name and for a while we emailed back and forth and then I could not reach her. She shared much about your country and they were paying her tuition at Vanderbilt University in Nashville for special classes.
Also I have a wardrobe like you speak of - very old with glass doors - not in the best shape but everyone that visits comments how beautiful it is...