Saturday, January 26, 2013

Found that out!

My doctor told me to eat only whole fat products because I had lost so much weight and should not lose any more. I had already gotten real butter and today I also got enough whole fat yoghurt to last me the rest of the week. After I had put all the groceries away, I immediately had some for lunch and I have to tell you that it tasted wonderful and that it agreed with my stomach very well. 

I had become so used to how thin low fat yoghurt was, that I was surprised at how thick the whole fat kind was when I poured it into the bowl. And it tasted much creamier too. It was almost, well, almost, like eating a dish of ice cream. I had to tell myself not to eat more and to only have a certain amount every day so I can make it last for the rest of the week. It certainly is tempting to have around. 

It started to snow after I got back from doing the groceries, so my timing was excellent. I had not slipped on the ice either, even though there had been treacherous patches in places. I bought Tyke anotther huge rawhide bone and when I walked in, I told him that I had something for him, which he understood. He did not stop running around in circles until I unwrapped it and gave it to him.

I forgot to get candy mice for Gandhi because I was so busy looking for a flea collar for her. I saw a flea on her the other day and I want to prevent her from contaminating Tyke. She does roam around the neighborhood and pick things up from other cats. 

I am enjoying the fact that it is Saturday, which is really, I think, my favorite day of the week. I really always do have that idea that it is a day off to spend as I please, but I always end up doing chores such as the laundry or the dishes or the groceries. Still, I feel an enormous sense of freedom on Saturday. I suppose throughout my whole life it has been the day that I liked best. Even when I was in kindergarten and I still had to go to school in the morning on Saturdays.

I remember my father having to go to work on Saturdays when there was still a six day work week. Sunday was the only day of leisure and even then, you weren't allowed to enjoy yourself a heck of a lot. There were all these laws and unwriiten rules that you had to keep to. We certainly have better and easier lives now. If there is one thing I am not, that is nostalgic. For me there are no good old days and I really and truly do not believe that anyone would want them back. 

I have to go hang up a load of freshly washed clothes.I can not hang them up outside because of the snow. Tomorrow a low depression system will be here and it will rain. I do wonder how long it will take for the snow and the ice to be gone. I can not wait to see the sidewalks again.


Gail said...

What cheerfulness!!! it is good to hear.

Maggie May said...

I can remember when I had cats & dogs that I had to buy a special spray and regularly treat the whole house.

I wish I could be put on a high fat diet! That would be pure Heaven!
Snow clearing up now. Hope it was the last.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Reglandus White said...

Sounds like a nice busy peaceful day.

Wisewebwoman said...

You might consider making your own yogurt, Irene, I do and the cost is negligible. Like 30 cents a jar. I picked up my yoghurt maker in a thrift shop for $2.00. And I make mine with organic milk. It is delicious.

Odette said...

we do tend to do more work when we are home than when we are in our workplace. but becaues we enjoy doing the household chores, we still feel we have a relaxing day.