Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gone with the wind.

I am happy to report that most of the snow and ice has melted and it is not because we had such an awful lot of rain. Actually, it just got warm enough for it too and there was also the strong wind that helped it melt. It is very nice to see my street again and the sidewalks around it and to feel steady ground beneath my feet. I am no longer in danger of slipping and breaking my neck. Tyke is a lot more steady on his feet also. He did slither occassionally which was funny to see since he is on four paws and not in much danger of falling over. 

Now that the snow is gone, I have found out that there are some shoes and boots that I just can not wear because they want to slide off my left foot. It seems I have lost the ability to keep the left one on. Maybe my foot has gotten smaller. I walked around and looked like an idiot this afternoon. I already drag my foot, but I was also dragging my left boot. I took those boots off immediately when I got home and will not be wearing them anymore. I will have to start paying better attention to what size shoes I wear. 

I am wearing a cute jacket that I bought two months ago and that has been hanging in the closet ever since. For some reason I resisted wearing it because I thought it was too dressy for me. Now that I have put it on, I do not know why I had that idea. It is perfect for a Sunday and the rest of me is wearing all black so the contrast could not be better. The jacket has red and white and silver speckles. It is a joyful jacket. I bought it when I was feeling good, but then I usually do. 

I have had my portion of food today and I feel very full and have the stomach to prove it. I have gnoccis and tomato sauce and goat cheese that I am supposed to eat for dinner, but I do not know if I have room for them. I may have to leave them to eat for another day. At this point, all I have room for is ice water and it tastes great too. 

I had a can of fruit in syrup and tried some of that, but I can not say I enjoyed that a heck of a lot. It was much too sweet and the fruit tasted like it had been soaking in the syrup for ages. Tyke thought he wanted it,, but I would not let him have any. I put the can in the refrigerator and it will gather mold there eventually, at which point I will be forced to throw it out. I may as well flush the contents down the toilet right away and be done with it. What a simple solution that is. 

There is a rough haired greyhound up for adoption and his name is Sam. I am very tempted, but I would have to meet him first to see if there is a click and then Tyke would have to meet him also. I have seen several photos of him and he is a beautiful animal. My feelings are very torn and I do not know what is the best thing to do. I will have to think about it long and hard.

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