Saturday, January 05, 2013

The proof is in the pudding.

If there is any indication that I am almost back to normal after my return from Houston, it is the fact that I got so much done yesterday and I got it done so painlessly. Before I got back, I had thought about these chores and worried a bit about achieving them all but I need not have worried at all. Without really making any sort of a plan, I got them all over and done with without a hitch and the least amount of stress. As a matter of fact, I did not feel any. 

Except for paying some bills, I did not really have a deadline. I jist did not want there to be a heaping up of things left undone that would loom over me for days to come. I also had to make a state of affairs of my budget and find out how much money was really coming in and how much was going out. I thought that might be a smart thing to do at the beginning of the new year. The outcome of this was not as horrible as I had expected, although it is nothing to shout about. But I will survive somehow.

The gray blankets I bought at the Ikea in Houston are coming in real handy. One of them is covering the seat cushions on my dark gray sofa and it matches it really well as if it was meant to be. The animals do like to lie down on it and do not fuss with it too much. I have put the other one on the foot end of  my bed and Tyke enjoys sleeping there at night and is hard to move from that place. 

To compliment the other color in the living room, I have put a red blanket that I already had in one of the armchairs. Unbeknown to both of us, my daughter and I have the same colors  in our interiors with red being the accent color.

I went grocery shopping yesterday morning and came home with a hoard of food because I was out of everything. I bought a huge rawhide bone for Tyke that looks like it was made for a Great Dane and he could not believe his eyes. He has been chewing on it ever since but has made little headway. 

I also bought a pint of goat yoghurt and successfully ate it.  I call that the recuperation of my stomach. The pro-biotics were delivered in the afternoon and I will be taking those every day just like I did when I was staying with my daughter. I think they play a large part in me doing so well.

I bought some loaves of thinly sliced bread made mostly of rye flour because I had a good experience with that in Houston. I will be making grilled cheese sandwiches with them because I think I can handle them. At least now I will be getting some proteins in my diet. 

It is really amazing how quickly you readjust to being in your own environment again after being away for a while. That really must mean that you do feel at home there and that is something to ponder over.


Gail said...

Coming home is sweet even though the vacation was fantastic it just feels good to be HOME.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love coming home and foostering around my own place and stroking the bits and pieces.

Rudee said...

It feels so good to get so much accomplished in such short time. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.