Monday, January 21, 2013

It's possible.

It is possible to be perfectly satisfied without having accomplished anything worthwhile all day long as long as you managed to amuse yourself and stay out of trouble. I did just that because for most of the day it snowed and Tyke and I did not go out much, although I did force the issue and make us go out when I started to develop cabin fever from having been cooped up too much inside the warm apartment. 

It had snowed all day long but later in the afternoon it turned to sleet and that created an icy layer on top of the snow which made it fun to walk on. We crunched our way through it and sometimes it even supported Tyke's weight. 

Luckily, it also meant that the sidewalks were not too slippery and could be safely walked on which was a bit of a relief. Some kind people had even shoveled the snow and sprinkled salt so that the ground was visible. Huge packs of rock salt can be bought at the store for this very purpose. I am always grateful when I see the bare tiles of the sidewalks and know I am safe for a bit. 

I so do not appreciate the cobblestones downtown where I have to go now for my job. They are always tough to walk on but when there is a layer of anow on them, they become very treacherous and you slip and slide on them. You really have to think about what footwear you are going to put on and when you are dressed nicely for work, this can be a bit of a problem. Not all of you may look like a picture of fashion.

I see that I need to paint my toe nails again and luckily I have the polish to do it. I hope I can do as nice a job as the pedicurist did and I will have to polish them very carefully. I do enjoy having good looking toe nails. You feel that you never have to be embarrassed about them should you ever have reason to take your shoes and socks off. 

My nails wer cut and filed and buffed to precision but I doubt I will get them in such nice condition again. It will require another pedicure and I will have to treat myself to one. I also need to have riches beyond my wildest dreams. 

I ate too much food over the weekend and feel like a sloth. I think I will drink a lot of tea on Monday and cleanse my system that way. I will also drink a lot of ice water. I bought the neatest ice cube trays when I was in Houston. They are made of rubber and the ice cubes pop right out. I was in need of them because I was drinking water from the faucet that was not cold enough and left me very unsatisfied. 

I will go back to bed now and finish sleeping. Much as I would like it to be morning, it is not nearly so.


Gail said...

I am so happy you are content and satisfied with your life changes.

Now get over here and whip me into shape!

Odette said...

you were doing a lot of things! the only different is that these are the things we usually do everyday that we really don't consider them eventful.
i like reading your posts, i decided to follow it.

Irene said...

Hi Odette, welcome to my blog and thanks for becoming a follower. Yes, sometimes I write about nothing important at all. It's the little things in life that count.

Wisewebwoman said...

Can you bring your fancy shoes to work and change from your sensible ones that save you from falling on the cobbles?

Just a thought.