Monday, January 28, 2013

Go dream instead.

I woke up because I was perspiring so much and I had to get up and change the sheets. This, of course, caused me to be awake to a point and I made some coffee and turned on the computer. I do not know if that was a smart thing to do, but there you have it. In spite of the coffee, I still feel a bit sleepy and the best thing for me to do would be to go back to bed, but there is a stubborn streak in me making me stay up a while longer. It is still early in the night and there is lots of time left to sleep. 

The weekend is over again and I can get down to the every day business of life during the week which is so much better, although I have appreciated these two days off. I never do think that I have both feet completely on the ground during the weekend and that is why I like the realism of the week days so much. The weekends are too unstructured and too abstract, even though I do have my chores to keep me grounded somewhat. 

I thought the eco-friendly fabric softener that I had bought on sale hardly added a good smell to the laundry, but I was wrong. The clothes and the sheets that have been washed in it do have a pleasant odor and the amount I have to use is smaller than the other brands. I do not know if I will be lucky enough to get it on sale the next time and I will end up buying whatever is the most affordable. That does keep the excitement in doing the laundry because you never know what the result will be the first time you use a new product. Basically, they all do a good job, unless you buy something very cheap.

I am not a fan of buying the cheapest possible product because I think that some of them just are a terrible quality. I think some of the store brands are as good as the better brand names and I do not mind getting them, but there are some things you have to buy the better brand names of because you know that those are the best quality. One of them is coffee and I do not believe in cheating myself out of a good cup. Another one is washing powder. Good quality tea is another thing I will not cheat myself out of. because I do love a good cup of tea.

I am interested in making my own yoghurt and have to start looking around for a yoghurt maker. Someone suggested to me to use organic milk to make the yoghurt with and I will if it is not too expensive. What I did not know is that there are natural bacteria in yoghurt that are good for your intestines and I thought they were only present in those special small containers that are advertised as such. I guess those are a major rip off for how much you pay for them. They never did work for me anyway. Home made yoghurt does sound awfully good and I can not wait to try it. 

I will go back to bed now and finish sleeping for the night. There is the call of the clean sheets.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, quality comes at a price but if you can save on your (healthy) yogurt you can splurge on the fabric softener - do you need this when you are drying your clothes naturally?
I find I don't need it when I hang my clothes.

Rob-bear said...

I hope you slept well when you got back to bed. I'm like you; if I wake in the middle of the night (or morning, actually), I'm not always ready to go back to bed/sleep.Which means I sleep later in the morning.

We used to make yogurt. I cannot remember why we started doing that, or why we quit. If you can make good quality, and keep it fresh, there are many uses to which it can be put.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Naperville Now said...

"Go dream instead." great title. Ah, the joys of being awakened by our metabolism. you have my sympathies on that!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Keep us posted on the yogurt experiments!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Keep us posted on the yogurt experiments!