Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple souls are welcome too.

Last week I was number ten on the waiting list for the 55+ apartment and today I am number seven. I sure traveled up that list in a hurry and I would almost think that fate is trying to tell me something. Maybe, in spite of the lack of money, I am supposed to move anyway. Is it possible that there will be some sort of a solution? I do play in the lottery now, so it is possible that I may win some money. Not that I am holding my breath.

I talked to my niece on the phone today and she told me about her daughter's birthday party. Her daughter turned sixteen and there had been a lot of people at the party, but my niece said that much to her grief, none of them had been family of hers. There are so few of us left and we are spread apart all over the globe. If I moved to Emmen, it would be an opportunity to be close to her and be her family. 

Now all the snow and ice are gone, although it is not that warm outside yet. Later this week it is going to be 11 degrees Celcius and it will feel like springtime to us who are not used to anything anymore. It is going to rain, so it is not going to be all perfect, but I do not mind.  At that temperature it will not feel bad at all. I doubt very much that I will even have to wear my gloves or scarf.

Tyke is discovering all sorts of things that had been covered by the snow and that have now come to the surface. Some of them are edible, or so he thinks. We do disagree on that and get into arguments. He does bring home the most interesting items, one of which was a half frozen children's sock which he chewed on for the rest of the afternoon. I have now thrown it away and he does not even miss it. 

Gandhi is glad because she can comfortably go outside again. She did dislike the snow and stayed inside as much as possible and I think she must have great bladder control. I do think she is turning into a bit of an old lady because what she likes to do more than anything is snuggle up some place and sleep. One of her favorite places to snuggle up is my lap, but anybody's lap will do. Every night she still shares my pilow with me and we are both comfortable with that. We each get half of it. 

The cowboy boots that I am wearing fit me very well as long as I wear thick socks with them. My left boot does not want to slide off my foot no matter how manky I am walking and believe me, that makes a difference in how well I get around. I never paid attention as well as now as to how my footwear fits me. I think I was a bit nonchalant about that before. I will do a much better job buying new shoes from now on and try them on very carefully with the right kind of socks. 

I have got to make some dinner and I still have those gnoccis with the tomato sauce, so I suppose I will have them. As if that is a punishment.


Wisewebwoman said...

How far away will you move Irene?

yes we are forecasting rain here too. A relief. the cold is so extreme and there have been problems with my wood.

I love your stories of Tyke and Ghandi. We can learn so much from our 4 legged buddies.


VioletSky said...

I am pleased for you that you will not have to wait years and years to get this new home.