Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is there anybody there?

I went to work today but when I stood outside on the sidewalk and rang the door bell, the building sounded empty and no one came to open the door. I rang a few more times just to make sure the door bell worked but it was all in vain. I waited on the sidewalk for a while and watched the boats go by on the river of which the water was choppy. There were birds swimming against the current not getting anywhere. 

After I waited for what I thought was a long enough time, I called my boss on my mobile phone and found out that she was at home and had assumed that I would not show up today because we have a meeting tomorrow which is officially my day off. I do think she assumed too much and does not know about my loyalty yet because I always show up when I say I will. 

I rode my bike home again and found out that my gloves are not warm enough and when I got there and inside, I warmed my hands on Tyke's cuddly body. It is that winter is almost over or I would bother to get better gloves but I think I do not need to now. Going to my job is the furthest distance I travel and I will survive that. Or maybe I can get some mittens to wear over my gloves.

I have decided, while petting Tyke today, that I am also going to call him "Madelief" which is really a girl's name and what we call a daisy. The second part of the name (lief) means "dear" or "sweet." I do call him "liefje" all the time. He thinks the endearments I call him are all names for him and he reacts to all of them and becomes immediately very docile and mellow and ready to be petted. 

I made a pan of vegetable soup today and ate it while it was still almost too hot to. It was the kindest thing for my stomach that I had eaten in a long time, which goes to show you that I do best if I stay away from proteins. If my stomach is happy, I am happy. It is as simple as that. Yesterday I blew it by letting my eyes be bigger tham my stomach and eating two quesedillas. I was so uncomfortable afterwards that it was not even funny and I had to go to bed with a stomachache.

I have got to drink two enormous glasses of ice water to quench my thirst. No doubt that is from eating the soup. The cups of coffee I had probably did not help much either although they did put me in a chipper mood. It is so nice to feel cheerful. I do not ever take that for granted.


Rob-bear said...

Rumours to the contrary, I'm still here. I drop by from time to time, though rarely leave a note. Such is the life of a ear in semi-hibernation.

Glad to know that your are reasonably well and survived your excursion to the US.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

VioletSky said...

One time, when I was working at a clinic about a 30 minute commute, I had an appointment on a Sunday (which was fine) but when I got there she didn't show. When I finally got ahold of her, she said she didn't think I would be there because it was 'such a nice day'! It can be annoying when people don't trust you.

and, you know the gloves will keep until next winter and the next, just saying.....

Anonymous said...

So your boss actually assumed that you would come in to work for a meeting on your day off? Really? That doesn't sound like a great boss - hope she's not usually like that.

Gail said...

Now that this mix-up is behind you your boss may be more clear on her instructions and expectations.

Sorry you had to go through that. At least you were able to call.

Tyke would love you no matter what you call him.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

You paint such a vivid picture in my mind when I read your words. You have a gift and it really dosn't seem to matter what the topic is, everytime I read here it is always interesting.
I really should come more often!

Gina Gao said...

I really liked reading this post. You have a way with words.


Wisewebwoman said...

I think you and the boss need to sit down and go over the rules, regs and expectations. Nicely.

She probably feels quite bad over what happened as you are a great worker and she needs to keep you.

Do you make up a song for your dogs? I do. They all had their own special songs.

Ansa has 2 I love her so much.