Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Those middle of the night hours.

I am sitting here with a stomachache that I woke up with and I am not sure what to do about it. I feel that maybe I should eat something, but nothing that is easy to make seems like the right thing to eat and I am afraid that I will only make it worse. I did just take a stomach tablet and I hope that will bring some relief. I suppose that my stomach needs rest after the misadventures with the dairy products, or so I reason with myself. I do try to make some sense of it.

Despite the fact that it is officially still winter, I have not yet closed the bedroom windows and went to sleep with them open last night. It was pleasantly chilly when I got under the covers. I thought this might help me sleep better, but that turned out not to be the case and I am up as usual. I do not mind, except for my stomachache, and it is nice to sit here in the silence of the night. The animals are sound asleep and can not be woken up for any reason. 

Tyke is a wooly, furry monster at the moment because he really needs to be trimmed, but I have been reluctant to have that done because of the cold weather. I think his fur keeps him nicely warm right now and I do not know what sort of weather is in store for us yet. When he is lying down on the area rug, and is asleep, it is hard to tell what is the front end of him and what is the back. He just looks like one great big furry mess.

Gandhi, on the other hand, is short haired and very sleek looking. I think that is why she does not like to go out in the cold that much. It is probably more difficult for her to keep warm when the temperatures dip down to freezing. When she does go outside, she comes back in with very cold paws that she wants to warm on my stomach. Her ears are also always very cold.

I have taken a mild tranquilizer in order for my stomach to relax. The only thing is, that it is making me slightly drowsy, although that is a bit of a pleasant efffect. I do not say no to that. It will help me sleep when I go back to bed in a while and I do look forward to that. It is a bit of a surprise to realize that I had been that tense without really being aware of it and I wonder how often I am? 

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Rudee said...

I hope you're feeling better.