Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Remembering the obvious.

The first impression I am making on my new boss is not a good one. She sent me some texts to translate into English and no matter how many programs I downloaded in order for me to open them, it turned out to be impossible and I can not do my job. I tried hard enough but she owns an Apple and I have a PC and I think we are not compatible. I finally had to admit defeat and let her know. I do not like to do this but I had no other option. 

I will have to do the translations in the office on Thursday when I start my first day and I really do not think that will be a problem because I have the feeling that I will have them done in no time. Translating and writing a text is easy. It is what I was practically born to do. This little inconvenience will be taken care of.

Another matter I took care of was the fact that I had to cancel my domestic help for Thursdays in the afternoon. It took some doing and some phone calls but I have it arranged that Monday's domestic help is going to stay an extra hour and do all of the work then with the provision that I help her and dust the whole apartment thoroughly. That is no problem and I will do it gladly and did yesterday. I must say that I enjoyed doing that. I did break a vase but that was the only casualty. 

The nice designer shoulderbag that I had ordered arrived yesterday afternoon and it was a real pleasure to unwrap it and I took my sweet old time doing that to savor the moment as long as I could. This is not a Louis Vuton bag, or something like that, because everybody has one of those and that is not exclusive enough. I do want it to be more special than that. 

I sat with that bag in my lap for quite a while and had a good time looking at it and fondling it. I adjusted the strap and opened and closed it and zipped the zippers and checked out the little compartments. I feel just like my mother with all of her bags but I do not know if she ever had such a nice one. Is it possible to be in love with your shoulderbag? I can take the strap off and use it just as a handbag and thinking about it now, I will do just that.

I ordered another winter coat for 2/3rds of the price off at a very nice place called Kolibri's, which is a company in Germany. It is an Uchi coat, if that has any meaning to you. It did not to me until yesterday but I do know that it is a very good brand. All my other winter coats, except for the last one I bought, are too big on me.

I am most definitely developing my own style by leaps and bounds. A whole metamorphosis is taking place and it is not influenced by anyone or anything but my own instincts.

You could call this, the Birth of a New Woman.


Gail said...

Well, New woman, I sure am proud of you!

I shall have to back read to find out all the news I've been missing.

I am about 70 percent finished with the house end to end. I still search for two elusive tables and lamps. I will find them when it's time.

I am surprising my sister when the combinations of pieces and colors. She says, she sees a new and brighter side of me here.

Wisewebwoman said...

It is such a pleasure to share in your happiness and I love your confidence!
Sometimes we just lose ourselves (I know I did) and the rediscovery is a joy.
I am so happy for you!

Friko said...

Hallo, new woman,
leaps and bounds? I’d call it racing ahead at the speed of light!
You are doing really well, the change in you is tremendous.

Good luck and take care.

btw, not everybody has a Louis Vuitton bag, I certainly don’t. I couldn’t afford it.

Irene said...

I enjoy getting comments so much and from now on I am going to react to them right here. I do have to keep better track of them as they come in. Thank you, dear ladies, for coming by and reading my tale and commenting on it. I so appreciate it. xox Irene