Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ignoring the call of duty.

Because I was so conscientious yesterday, and went to work when I was not expected there, I decided to play hooky today and call in sick. I was supposed to have gone to a meeting with the web designer and two other people including my boss, but I think it was really not crucial that I was there and I will hear about what was discussed later. 

I did have a stomach upset because I ate a creamy mustard soup that did not agree with me at all. Unfortunately I could not make more vegetable soup or I would have had that instead, but when I go grocery shopping this weekend, I will make sure that I can eat it all of next week. 

I slept late this morning and did not get up until allmost ten o'clock. This was such a pleasant surprise that I sat around in my bathrobe for another hour. I do so enjoy allowing myself some laziness and the first cups of coffee always taste so good and need to be lingered over. After that, I always need a few glasses of ice cold water and then I can get started. I suppose I need the right mixture of fuel to get on my way.

I just defriended someone on Facebook whose posts had been mildly irritating me for some time. I had been trying to ignore them but finally made a comment on one of them, although I knew I would get some sort of angry reaction. When I did, it was so mean that it made me blush. I deleted it and will forget it and carry on. It did bother me and I guess that is why I mention it. I guess she had not liked me all along. 

I am learning a lot about human nature and that there is really no one out there who is normal, however you define that term. I think we all have an idea of what we expect a normal person to be like. They do not exist, but that does not mean that there are no funny or agreeable people, or admirable ones for that matter. 

I like lots of things about all sorts of people, but that does not mean that I want to be best friends with them. I like the distance I have between the people I admire now and appreciate the few close contacts that I have. I always thought that when I grew up (about now) I would have lots of friends and be intimate with at least a few. Imagine my surprise when this turned out not to be the case at all and I find that I am my own best friend.



Connie Rose said...

I agree that it takes the better part of our lives for us to realize that we are our own best friend. And that few others really do count, in the end. All that energy wasted on the fools we think we must suffer, until we realize that we don't have to, any longer. xoxo

Maggie May said...

It does seem to take a long time for a person to *find oneself.* I know that it took me a very long time. Maybe its an ongoing process that only stops at our demise.
It is silly to suffer people who make us feel awful or who are downright rude so I don't blame you for getting them off your Facebook.

Everyone takes a sickie now & then.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Odette said...

we are never ever gonna like everyone we come in contact with, simply because we are all so different. the good things is, we dont need so many people to make us happy. a few genuine friend would suffice.