Saturday, January 26, 2013


It is going to snow today and I feel I must protest against this independent action of the weather because on Sunday it is going to be warmer and the snow is going to turn into a blubbery mess that will be hard to negotiate. The good thing is that the icy layer inderneath it will melt too and we will no langer be in danger of slipping and sliding and breaking our necks. 

It will make riding my bike so much easier, but today I have to ride it to the store to go grocery shopping and I do not look forward to returning home with two shopping bags and my bike carrier bags filled with shopping when there is new snow.

I have been feeling better because I have not been eating grilled cheese sandwiches and quesasillas, but fried in olive oil potatoes instead and they seem to agree with my stomach better. I will have to find a use for the flour tortillas I still have and not buy any more cheese. I will buy lots of vegetable soup because I am not going to make any myself. I am not in the mood for cooking right now. Heating things up is all the effort I want to make. 

What seems to agree with me most is ice cold water. It is such a neutral thing to drink that there is no way it can harm me and it is the greatest thirst quencher. I must drink six or seven tall glasses of it a day if not more. The water from the faucet is just fine when it is very cold and I am not going to invest in bottled water which is more expensive than a bottle of milk. I hate the thought of the fuel wasted on all the bottled water being transported all over Europe.

I am going back to bed because I must sleep some more before the day gets properly started. I am coming to see my bed more and more as a pleasant place to be, especially during the seconf phase of my sleeping relay. That is when I get down to business and have the most interesting dreams.

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Odette said...

the cold windy chill here is just as brutal Irene. how i wish i could just snuggle in bed with a book. you keep warm there, ok?