Thursday, January 10, 2013

Exciting times.

I am after a very interesting 20 hour a week volunteer job that is much better than the one I had before. I have an interview for it tomorrow afternoon and will be able to divulge more about it after that. Social Services wants me to do volunteer work in order for me to earn my monthly allowance and there was some pressure on me to find something suitable quikly. I can not believe I found this job because it is too good to be true but of course I have not got it yet. I must be patient.

My mind has been a bit in overdrive this past week and I have had to increase one of my medications to try to get it to slow down a little. No doubt that is the result of all the excitement that has taken place over the last weeks and this is my delayed reaction to it. In my case, this always happens after the fact. I am usually fine when things are actually happening, it is the little aftershocks I have to deal with intensely. You can not tell by looking at me that this is so, it all takes place inside. 

I have just made a pot of hot lemon tea and had the first glass with sugar in it and it tasted so delicious. It was just the thing I needed right now because I was about to have a sugar dip. It is that time of the day for it when it is almost time for dinner but not quite. The hot sweet tea perks me up enormously and warms my stomach and gives it something to do until I eat.

The domestic help was here this afternoon and I told her that I am really going to need her if I get this new challenging job, although it is possible that it will not wear me out physically as much as the old one did. It will be mostly all mental work. She enjoys cleaning my apartment, it is not a tough job. Besides, she needs her job too and is waiting to get a new contract for this year. There are cut backs in all sectors so she is not even sure of her job like nobody is nowadays.

I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich maker because I like eating the sandwiches so much. I fry them in a pan now but that makes them so greasy. I expect it to be here tomorrrow or the day after and I can not wait because since I discovered that I do tolerate cheese, I have enjoyed adding it to my diet. 

Tomorrow morning I am going grocery shopping and I am going to buy regular yoghurt and try to eat that for a few days to see if I tolerate that. I am thinking about buying the organic kind because possibly it may be better to eat  for me and easier to tolerate. I am looking forward to that and I hope it works out well because I miss eating yoghurt. 

I have got to take Tyke for a walk and feed him his meager evening meal. He is on a diet because he has gotten a bit hefty. I was shocked when I saw him when I came back from Houston. I did not remember him being quite that big. He does look like a lovable stuffed animal and he is all mine!


Wisewebwoman said...

Good luck with the job interview, Irene, how splendid for you!

I love cheese, I'd have a hard time giving it up!!


Naperville Now said...

fingers crossed that you get the job you are after! keep breathing!!

Gail said...

Having read backwards, I know you got the job.