Sunday, January 20, 2013

A woman's got to grab the bull by its horns.

I went to the drugstore and had a good look around and found a neat gadget for the calouses on my feet because, although the pedicurist in Houston took care of most of them, there is some residue left and I want to be able to keep the situation under control myself. The callous bump under the ball of my foot was nearly gone but it started to bother me a bit again and I do not want that to happen because I have enough problems with that foot.

I never knew they made such neat gadgets to take care of these kinds of problems and I was surprised because I thought I was the only one who had these particular kinds of problems. It is not a subject that people discuss easily in their daily discourse, of course, and it has never come up in a conversation. In this way you do miss out on important information and I would have been in the dark if I had not had a good look around the drugstore. 

I did the grocery shopping too, after braving the cold wind on my bike, and had a heck of a good time looking at sale items that I could really use and had a need for. I did find a big bottle of fabric softener of a brand I never tried before that was on sale and is supposed to be eco-friendly too. I will have to find out how well it works and then decide if I want to use it again. Most likely I will aways go for the brand that is on sale because it is saving money that really lures me. 

I bought goat yoghurt and vanilla pudding and the first thing I did when I got home was try the pudding but it made me almost sick ro my stomach because I was too greedy and ate too much of it. I think I like it so much that I can not eat small portions of it. A certain kind of madness comes over me when I have it in the refrigerator and I want to eat it all in one sitting.  That stuff is just plain dangerous to have around and it is a good thing that I only go grocery shopping once a week because I would be tempted to buy the pudding each time I went.

Because it was so cold, I had a hunkering for something hearty and I bought a big can of peasoup of the best brand I could get. I had that last night and it was chunky and so filling that I could only eat one bowl of it and Tyke was in luck and made very happy with the left overs. He does have a very good life here. 

I entered the English language text onto the old work website and  think I did a fair job at that. I even added some appropriate illustrations and I hope I got them right. What I think are great ideas may not be what my boss thinks is but eveything is open for improvement. There is no final end product and everything can be changed. I am not so single minded that I do not think that is possible. 

I had to wear my hiking boots when I walked Tyke because it was slippery and icy on the sidewalks and I had been in danger of breaking my neck. The hiking boots have good profiled soles and are a lot safer to wear than any of my otther boots. They are kind of clunky and I feel like a farmer walking his fields when I wera them. Of course, my one foot slaps down hard and that does make for a funny gait and a lovely sound effect and I am very conscious of that. I doubt other people really notice it. 

Except for the nice winter coat that I have, I wish for it to be springtime. I am not at al enamored with the wintertime and its effects. Temperatures above frezzing, even if just a few degrees above, seem very nice to me now and I do so long for them. I can only assume that sometime in the near future we are going to have them.


Wisewebwoman said...

I hate that certain foods that we love so much despise us.

Mine is corn. I love corn and it hates me. So I avoid.


Gail said...

Sensible boots are a must have now that you're traveling to work. Maybe tuck a pretty pair in your bag and change when you arrive.