Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hugely optimistic.

Late this afternoon, I took a very long nap. Not because I was so very sleepy, but because I felt my mood slip down into a big dark crater. "Oh," I said to myself, "I think I am getting depressed," and I decided to just give into the feeling and let it happen if that was the kind of mood I was going to be in. But after I slept for a long enough time, I woke up in an excellent mood and all the dark clouds had drifted away. What I had needed simply, had been enough sleep and my subconscious had taken care of it. 

Now I feel very full because I just ate two slices of breakfast cake with butter on them for dinner (the irony does not escape me). I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach, as usual, and I am in some discomfort, but I will ignore that and get over it in a little while. 

I had the butter in spite of the fact that I had told myself that I would not eat dairy products any more. I momentarily forgot that. After eating all that yoghurt, I have gotten a very swollen belly and I have gained two kilos. I have also got a very sore throat and swollen glands and I do not think that it all is a coincidence. I better get back to my diet of vegetables and soups and potatoes because I am a lot healthier when I eat like that. 

Tomorrow morning I am going to be fitted for my ankle/foot brace and I sure as heck hope it will not be raining as much as it has today when I have to ride my bike to the appointment.  It is over by the hospital and just far enough away to get drenched if it is raining. Today, Tyke only got to go out for little walks because we had to cut them short when it really started to pour. He did find the bigger puddles when we were out there and got his great big paws soaking wet.

I trimmed my own hair today after first considering making an appointment with the hairdresser. I decided that it was not yet long enough for that and that I could easily cut it myself. I was only able to do the front and the sides being unable to reach the back, but in the past I used to do that with the help of two mirrors. I had a lot more courage in the past. 

My hair turned out fine, especially after I have brushed it into place and I will not have to go to the hairdresser for a couple of weeks. I am saving myself some money this way and today I got the pleasant message that I am getting back an extra hundred Euros from Social Services for the costs of my Internet connection. I had forgotten all about that and really need the money. 



Odette said...

sleep induces serotonin which help improve mood and prevent depression. so get lots of sleep!

Maggie May said...

Sleep is both healing and refreshing.
I have been off colour for the past 3 days with swollen glands and high temp. A touch of 'flu but I had the jab ages ago.
I've slept a lot.
Maggie x

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