Thursday, January 24, 2013

More hay on my pitch fork.

My boss sent me an email yesterday in which she said that she had no work for me for a while because there was as yet no second Mac at the office and its arrival depended on what funding the foundation would be able to get. I thought that was a really bad omen and that I was about to lose my job. I wrote her back and told her that it was very important that she sign a form that Social Services neeeded, stating that I officially had a job and had started work already.

We met at noon today and got the situation sorted out to the point even that she asked my advice about a few things. She can indeed not afford a second Mac and it is the computer she wants to work with because everybody in the art world does. I found out for her where a second hand one with a 12 month guarantee can be had for a good price and she will get one there as soon as the foundation has the finances to do so. 

I think by seeing me and talking to me, she wanted to remind herself that she can rely on me and was reassured in those feelings. She must have had a moment of doubt due to her experience with another worker who turned out to be a major disappointment. By asking me for advice and hearing what she thought was sound advice, she must have felt better about me if she doubted me at all. 

I am going to be working at home for now until we get the second Mac. I do not mind one bit now that the weather is so bad, although it is supposed to get a bit better this Sunday. That is when it should thaw and all the snow and ice should disappear. I will rely on that weather forecast anyway because it has been repeated often enough. 

When it comes to my job, I am going by my instincts and by assuming that what I want to happen, will actually happen. I picture the outcome completely in my mind and shape the words that accompany it there too. That way all the events have already taken place in my head and all that has to happen is for them to come to fulfilment. Very often in my life, things that I wanted to take place, have done so because I imagined them into being. This has also worked out negatively a few times because you may not always end up happy because of that. 


Odette said...

it's nice when our boss takes the time to sit down with us to work things out. this indeed gives us a better perspective on how we are viewed in the workplace.
i like your positive approach on things you want to happen in your life. good luck, although it seems things are already working the way you want it.

Friko said...

I wish you the very best of luck with the job. If funding isn’t available these jobs cannot be guaranteed. It’s the same everywhere.

Fingers crossed!

Wisewebwoman said...

I am struck by how grown-up you are Irene in the way you managed these challenges.

Take a bow!

PS I don't think I am as grownup as you, this is why I mentioned. :)