Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rain on the brain...

I haven't been to bed yet and although I'm sitting here yawning, I've decided to stay up a while longer. I've just watched an Inspector Linley episode and it was exciting as usual with a surprising ending. There's always a twist to the story at the end that I was not counting on. When you think the mystery has been solved, it turns out to be a little more complicated than that.

Now I'm sitting here with my last cup of Senseo coffee and the next cup will be from the coffeemaker that I still have to set up. I'll have to set the clock on it using the instruction booklet and I will have to do that some time in the middle of the night when I get up again, or early in the morning if I'm lucky. I may just surprise myself and sleep all night in one fell swoop, you never know. Stranger things have happened. Usually at this time of night I've already slept a few hours and I'm about ready to get up again. Now I think I'm being smart and I'm skipping that part.

Tyke is standing on the dining table again looking out the window. It pleases him so much to do this and he knows he has to be on his best behavior, otherwise it is not allowed. He can't bother Gandhi if she's also on the table, he has to be a good boy.

I slept until 11 o'clock this morning and had a leisurely cup of coffee while I watched the news and woke up properly. Of course, I also have to bond with Tyke in the morning, so I'm always busy when I first get up. I'm lucky that I don't have to walk him right away, because he'll go out back until I'm dressed and ready. I can take my time. I straightened out the kitchen afterwards and cleaned up all the debris that was strewn out over the living room floor. Tyke had been tearing things apart. He was in one of those moods. He goes looking for things to shred and they're usually unimportant, so I let him. It gets his silliness out.

I called my sister and I think she was glad to hear from me, because it meant that I was still on speaking terms with her. It is true that for a number of days I had felt a lot of frustration with her, but as I got over my own feelings of stress and tension, I got over those feelings too and I was okay again with her and I could talk normally to her. She wanted me to come over to her house, but I had to go to an appointment with my psychiatrist first and I promised that I would come over afterwards.

I rode my bike over to see my psychiatrist and was dressed too warm in my leather jacket, but I hadn't realized how muggy it was going to be. It had been cooler earlier, but in the afternoon it grew warmer and the sun came out, much to my surprise. It's such unpredictable weather.

My psychiatrist and I had a good talk and we agreed, with much input from me, to decrease my antidepressants. I'm doing well now and I'm on a high dose, which doesn't leave me much leeway for when I really need it. It's better to lower the dose as much as I can and to increase it if necessary. I started to decrease it today. He said I should have more energy as the medication has a tendency to constrain your enthusiasm. It makes you a bit dull and flat emotionally. I didn't have to decrease, he left the option open to me. I thought, I'm going to have to do it some time, now is as good a time as ever. I'm quite excited about doing with less medication.

I had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up the proper capsules and then I went to my sister and drank a tall glass of water with ice cubes in it. I was so thirsty. I was standing in the pharmacy completely dried out, looking at the licorice and candy, wanting some and thinking they would make me too thirsty, so I didn't get any. I did regret that afterwards. It would have been nice to share a bag of licorice with my sister.

We had coffee in the garden in which my sister has already planted some flowering plants and it's starting to look pretty. One flowerbed is going to be Mediterranean because it gets a lot of sun. She gave me a book that she had accidentally ordered twice. It's by Marianna Frediksson and it's called Inge and Mira. Last week she gave me the novel Late Night In Twisted River by John Irving. It's a big book that she couldn't get through. I'll try my best. Has anybody read it? It's possibly very boring. John Irving does do that once in a while. Write boring books.

I have to go to bed now. It's time. I do have to try and sleep tonight, much as I'd like to stay up. I have to be sensible.

Have a good morning!



Maggie May said...

That was a happy post! Glad things are going well.
I think all your rain is coming from us! It seems very wet & bleak here.
If you want a peek at Ash today come over my place for a cuppa! LOL!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

John Irving? Boring books? What are you talking about, woman? I LOVE John Irving! But I haven't read this book yet, so I'll rely on your verdict. Don't forget to let us know what you thought of it.

And, yay, for decreasing your meds. Hope it goes well.

(And, I still can't believe you're letting Tyke onto the dining table! I thought we were bad with letting the dogs on the bed, ha ha!)

Have a good day today!

Twain12 said...

good luck with the meds and how did the new coffee machine work out ?
We are final getting some rain. Hope you have a good day ♥

Lane said...

I have never read a John Irving. You'll have to let me know what it's like.

It has done nothing but rain here all week. It's quite monotonous. I wouldn't mind but it'ss very muggy too and the evenings are getting shorter. I'm sure we're all being forced to think about winter prematurely.

Frances said...

Sounding better. Glad about that.

It is raining here too, warm and wet, things are starting to rot in the garden.


Bev said...

I think it was a good idea of your psychiatrist to decrease your antidepressants for when you really need them.

Glad you are enjoying your sister's company. It seems like you have enjoyed today.

A good detective series I am watching at the moment is 'Waking the Dead'. Lots of plot twists and very engrossing. I don't know whether you get it over there.

The weather here is very damp and we are glad we went on holiday the first two weeks of August when it was sunny. It is all a bit 'back endish' as they say here.