Sunday, August 08, 2010

The second cup of coffee...

I don't really drink that much coffee. I've been up for two hours and am just now drinking my second cup. I get so busy doing other things, that very often I end up drinking my coffee cold and I have to throw out the last bit of it. So this myth about me being a great coffee drinker has to end right now. I love coffee, but don't actually drink that much of it. I usually drink milk and juice after I've had my coffee in the morning and just once in a while have a cup in the evening. I'm always afraid that it will keep me up. It does make me awfully cheerful if I need cheering up, so it is good for that, but lately I've been in a good enough mood without having to resort to it. If I'm depressed, I drink more of it. I use it as a mood altering drug and try to artificially fix my humor with it. It works for a while anyway, so I drink more cups of it. It helps me think straight, but I don't drink pots of it. There is a limit to how much coffee I drink and I mustn't exaggerate it.

It rained during the night and when I let Tyke out for a piddle he came in fast enough again. He hadn't quite counted on getting wet. It was very pleasant to stand by the back door and listen to the rain fall down. It was a little cold too and I was not dressed for it. At least it has cooled off a little bit in the apartment, but some of the summer heat is still trapped in here regardless of the top windows being open. The sun does shine on the living room windows every afternoon and heats it up in here again. It never gets below 23C, day or night, even when it's cooler outside.

I had a very quiet day yesterday, which is befitting for a Saturday, a day on which nothing special usually happens. It is a day off, just like Sunday, and as a rule I have nothing big planned. I watched a lot of cultural programs on television, as that seems to be the day for it. I spent a lot of time bonding with Tyke. He does need his share of attention and likes nothing better than to be petted and cuddled and played with. He lets me know if he suffers from a shortage of this.

I went to bed early with my book and read for a long while before I fell asleep. I have clean sheets on the bed so it is an extra pleasure to be there. The mattress is very good and I never wake up with a backache, which I sometimes did in the old bed. I'm sure it's a great healer for my back when I have problems like I did just recently. Those have cleared up as if by magic, but I'm sure it's also because I'm limiting my time behind the computer. I have it off all day and don't feel compelled to turn it on and check every email and write yet another blog post. I'm not obsessively drawn to it right now. I find it isn't necessary at all to have the computer on all day. I just waste energy if I do and that's not even just metaphorically speaking.

Today I will do laundry and clean up the kitchen. I'm always cleaning up the kitchen and doing laundry. As soon as I have one load, I turn on the washing machine. As soon as I have enough dishes, I'm doing those too. The kitchen counter top is not that big and things do get in the way. I would love to have a kitchen twice the size instead of this little cubbyhole. It really is a one person space. A cat and a dog are just allowable if they don't move around too much.

It is raining again and it sounds very cozy when you're sitting inside nice and dry. Rain is the nicest sound to fall asleep to, which is what I'm going to do shortly. I'm more than ready to seek some more sleep in my hopefully warm bed. More rain is predicted for today, so it will be a day spent indoors staying as dry as possible.

Have a nice day. Enjoy your Sunday.



Bernie said...

Hello my friend, it seems I am just going to bed when you are getting up for the day. Our time difference is quite large.
You sound very well and I like knowing you are feeling good.
I too like the sound of rain as I fall off to sleep....not sure that will happen tonight though as it is pretty clear out there now. I have noticed out days are getting shorter and that bothers me. I want more summer......have a great Sunday.......:-) Hugs

CorvusCorax12 said...

kitchen and laundry are never ending, are they ?
Lovely cool weather here too. I'm just like you with my morning coffee, one or two cups and i usually dump halve of it in the drain lol...i hope you have a wonderful day ♥

Gail said...

I love listening to the rain, I find it full of music and very relaxing...Enjoy.

laurie said...

i'm with you. i love the rain.

Cait O'Connor said...

I found your blog via Welsh Hills Again and I am glad I did, it is a joy to read, I will be back.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love the ritual around the coffee, the grinding of the beans the lovely smell, the sound of the drip and then ahhhhhhhh..I usually have about 1-1/2 cups a day. Of bliss.

Irene said...

Dear Cait, welcome to my blog. I hope you'll be back. It will be my pleasure if you do. I will come visit you in return. Ciao.