Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hurray, Saturday!

What could be a better day than Saturday? It's the most perfect day of the week. It's a day to celebrate, no matter how quietly and sedately, in my own particular way. I love the fact that the day stretches out ahead of me with no obligations and no appointments and no chores to do. It is an absolutely free day in which I can do, or not do, whatever I want. I can completely indulge myself and that's exactly what I intent to do. The best part is that I will have no feelings of guilt about this. That's it, guilt free living and enjoying it. Isn't that great? Every day of the week ought to be like that. It would be like living in paradise. I think that's how it was supposed to be. I have to find a way to always do this and still achieve the things I have to do. Be responsible and yet feel free and not under constant pressure to achieve. There's got to be a way to do that. It's all in the mindset I'm sure.

I went to bed at a reasonable time, because I could not stay up later for want of sleep. I postponed it as long as I could, but finally had to go to bed because I was so tired. I did read my book for awhile, but was soon sound asleep. It was so comfortable in my bed and I couldn't think of a better place to be. I have this particular duvet cover that's very nice to sleep under and I'm always glad when it's on my bed. It's really one for cooler weather and it's exceptionally cozy and smooth to the touch. Last night was a perfect night for it, because it was cooler and I had the window open. I'm sure it helps me sleep better and I'd like to get another one like it. I'll have to make a trip to Ikea. I think that's where I got it.

It's nice to be up again and I have the Bright Light Energy Lamp on as I write this. I will have it on every morning as I sit behind the computer from now on until the springtime. I didn't do this last year and I think it was a big mistake and I can't really give a good explanation for why I didn't use it. It was definitely an error in my thinking.

I've made a pot of coffee and it tastes great. I've got the amount of ground coffee right and each pot turns out well. I had to get used to the taste as opposed to the Senseo coffee, but that happened soon enough. I like this coffee now and it really is no hardship to make a pot. It is done quick enough and I hardly have to wait at all. The coffee cups stay cleaner too. The Senseo coffee always left behind a scummy layer in the cups that was hard to wash out. I don't have that problem now. I can rinse out my cup and have it clean and reuse it again. It saves on the dishes. That's always a big motivating factor for me.

I had so much energy yesterday morning, that I had gotten a bunch of chores done before it was even 8 o'clock. I surprised myself. I took a break and watched the news and decided to save the dishes until my personal helper got here so that we would have something to do together. I'm taking care of a lot of things independently of her now and I hardly need her help, but we are already making plans for this winter when possibly things may get more difficult. I'm entitled to 6 hours worth of help during the week and it may come in handy if I need it. I'm doing everything I can to prevent a depression from happening, but I don't know how much I am in command of that. Time will tell. It's good to know that I have back up if I need it. Last winter was very bad and I'm going to do everything I can to prevent that from happening again.

I had forgotten to water my plants and they were very droopy. I felt so bad for neglecting them. I hadn't watered them in more than 2 weeks. It had completely slipped my mind. When I realized that, I very quickly watered all of them and prayed that they would recuperate. At first nothing happened and they all looked as bad as they did before and I thought I had been too late, but this morning they all looked perked up and strong again, so I guess I got lucky and they are okay. They were completely dried out, though, and I must make sure that doesn't happen again. I can only have very forgiving plants. I don't take care well enough of them to have demanding plants. They would die immediately. The plants that I have can go without water for 10 days, but that's the maximum. I'm not a very good plant owner. It's all a hit and run business. I do take better care of Gandhi and Tyke and don't forget to feed and water them.

I did the laundry early yesterday morning and was hanging it up to dry in no time. I had washed some of my clothes along with the sheets and am glad that I don't have to iron any of them, although there are some clothes in the ironing basket that I still have to iron, but those are clothes that I will be wearing this fall. That job can be postponed until it is inevitable. So far I am still mostly wearing my summer clothes with the odd cardigan on top. It hasn't really been all that cold yet. A jacket has been sufficient to wear outside, inside the apartment it is still warm enough to go with bare arms. It just doesn't seem to cool off in here.

In the last couple of days we've had as much rain as normally falls in a whole month. It's all part of the climate change and the experts warn that we have to count on this happening more often in the summertime. Large amounts of rain will come down from the sky in a short amount of time. This will happen along with periods of extreme heat as we had in July. It is said that September will bring better weather. Maybe we will have an Indian summer. It will be nice if it's true. I didn't like the heat in July and was very uncomfortable because it was so humid. I don't care for too much heat when it's humid. I don't deal with it well at all. I wouldn't do well in the tropics. I am used to the heat in California, which was dry and bearable. Even in the desert it was not as awful up to a point, as long as you stayed out of the direct sunlight and were close to a swimming pool and the nights were wonderful. There were so many stars visible in the sky that it felt as though the heavens were going to fall down on you.

I've had three cups of coffee and I think that's quite enough. That's how many I made. I will switch to fruit juice next to quench my thirst. I'm sitting here in my bathrobe and I feel a slight draft by my bare feet. My toes are cold. It is only 10C outside, so that is quite chilly. That's the coldest it has been so far. It is only going to be 17C today and rain is predicted, but I won't pay too much attention to that because it never gets as bad here as is forecast. It will be a treat to walk Tyke in the cold air. I wonder if he will get chilled with his short haircut? He doesn't have much to warm him, but maybe he's a tough dog.

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday. I will find interesting things to do and keep myself out of trouble. Maybe today would be a good day to do the ironing after all. It would be a useful way to fill up some time and I would know that I had gotten that done and that I was ready for the fall. I am also curious as to how those clothes fit me.

Have a good day and enjoy your weekend. It is still August, so it's still officially summer no matter what impression the weather gives.



Lane said...

I like the sound of your lamp. Is it one to help combat winter depression?

Much cooler here too and I'm very glad to be rid of the humidity.

Have a great Saturday.

Babaloo said...

Is A Place Of Hiding the latest Inspector Linley book? Any good?

I love Saturdays too. Best day of the week, really. And we still have sunshine (and some clouds) here, so it's going to be a good day! Hope you've got one, too.

Twain12 said...

Saturdays are great !!! enjoy yours.
I'm glad to read how positive you sound but it is good that you and your assistant are making plans for winter. I'm off the the pet shop later on to buy some fish :)

Maggie May said...

I'm glad to hear that you don't treat Tyke & Gandhi the way you treat those plants! Withholding water and kindness LOL!

It is lovely to have a Saturday stretching out before you. Hope you enjoyed yours.
We went to the sea again because the weather was windy but dry and warm.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Frances said...

hope the day carried on in that good vein.
Good idea to prepare yourself from now for the winter, a kind of emotional stocking up ready for the cold ahead.


Wisewebwoman said...

I love to hear about your good spirits my dear, so glad Saturdays are the very highlight of the week. I think Sundays are mine.