Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home on the range...

I kept my appointment yesterday at the psychiatric clinic for the enrollment in the different classes because I thought it might be very smart if I did considering my options. I met with the woman in charge and she was very nice and went over my application with me quickly and filled an additional questionnaire out with me. There was really no problem and everything went smoothly. I opted for the creative class and the musical class, although there are waiting lists for both, but I expected that and I'm willing to wait a while.

We stopped by one of the creative classes and I saw someone I knew from one of the creative therapy classes I used to go to and it was very nice to see a familiar face and maybe I will see more people I know. Everybody else in the class looked very normal so I may be worried for nothing at all. The whole process of signing up was pretty painless and no big deal at all. I don't know why I had been so concerned about it. Maybe it was the woman who put me at ease.

After I had done that and taken care of all the formalities, I rode my bike over to my younger sister's house because my older sister was there. She had arrived by train from the North and my younger sister had picked her up from the station at noontime. I had not seen my older sister in quite some time and it was good to see her and when the three of us were together, it was really funny to see the similarities in character in us. Our voices also sound very similar.

We spent the afternoon out on the patio being sisters and taking care of sister's business as sisters do. We straightened each other out and agreed and disagreed.

Late in the afternoon, we took my younger sister's dog to my place and walked the dogs because Tyke had been alone all afternoon. He sure was happy to see me. I think he thought I had abandoned him forever. Afterwards we went for dinner at my younger sister's house and I even managed to eat some spaghetti which I had not eaten in a long time and it was good.We sat at the table for a long time afterwards and talked. I think my older sister wanted to go paint the town red, but we didn't. We were good girls and went to bed on time. At least, I went home at a reasonable time and went to bed before midnight.

I've had some success at Bookmooch and people have mooched 4 books off me. That means I get to mooch quite a few books myself. I have to get the packages ready today and go to the post office. I'll do that this afternoon when I have some spare time.

As good as company is, it is also good to be alone and I am happy when I can be on my own in my own apartment in my own space. It's wonderful to have that time to yourself and to have no one around you. Your own company is the best in the end, that's what you always come home to. Of course, I share my space with the animals so I'm never truly alone, but I do like my alone time.

I've got to get the show on the road. I told my sisters that I'd be there early this morning to have coffee with them. I have to get dressed and walk Tyke and answer emails. I hope I have time to do all that.

Have a good day!



Bernie said...

Have a wonderful day with your sisters....oh I wish I lived closer to mine, I miss them so much.
Your day sounded great, good for you signing up for your classes, do you have to pay all that money for them?
So glad to hear you sound so good Nora, love it.......:-)Hugs

Frances said...

Glad to hear things are working out. Have a lovely time with your sisters and so pleased to hear that the centre seems pleasant and the classes something you want.
I think it is marvellous that you faced up to what your feelings were and actually got down and investigated all the possibilities - still staying open to your SPN's advice. Knowledge is power, you know!

Yay you! Go Gal!

Lane said...

I love the idea of sitting putting the world to rights with your sisters, agreeing and disagreeing. That's why I wish I had sisters.

Have a good day Nora. Hope you have some sun over there as we certainly haven't got it here.

Twain12 said...

sounds like a wonderful time , i miss my sisters...have a great coffee klatch

Babaloo said...

I deeply envy you your sisterdom! I only have one brother and while we get on fine when we are together (he lives in Switzerland, so fat chance!) it's not the same as sisters.