Monday, August 02, 2010


While Tyke and I were asleep tonight, Toby managed to drag himself from the kitchen to the spare bedroom and installed himself in the shoe box that sits in a dark corner next to the closet. I don't know what this means, except that he seems to need more privacy than he was getting in the paper box in the kitchen. I don't know how he made the journey there, but it must have been difficult. He did not react when I found him, but went right on sleeping and I didn't disturb him. I will see how he is in the morning when I move him back to the paper box for food and water. The little guy has determination, that's for sure.

Tyke and I went to sleep on time as I was completely wiped out early in the evening. All I wanted to do was go to bed with my book, so that's what I did. I'm nearing the end of "Careless in Red" and things are getting exciting and fast paced.This did not stop me from falling asleep quickly, although it meant that I also woke up several hours later, wide awake again, and Tyke was ready to go out back and do a piddle. I stood by the back door in the cool night air and let myself get cold and that felt great. I'm constantly seeking coolness and few clothes and the cool night air is best for it. I would like to get so cold that I shiver, but that has been impossible.

Since it was Sunday, I decided it was my day of rest and I allowed myself to have a lazy day in which I only took care of the animals and ignored almost everything else. I do so appreciate the traditional day of rest that's still honored here and I do it justice. I really make it a holiday for myself without having feelings of guilt because I'm not actively doing all sorts of things. It's a day meant for pleasure in whichever form you can find it and whatever way is the most relaxing, but you aren't supposed to exert yourself with the usual dull and taxing jobs.

Since my harem pants were a little wide around the waste, and they had a tendency to sag, I put new elastic in them and made them tighter, so now they stay up really well and they look better when I wear them. That was a fun and satisfying job to do. I still have to take in the bust lines of two new dresses that I bought a little bit too big. It will be an easy job to do. I was more worried about buying them too small, as I had never bought this brand of clothes before and didn't know how their sizes ran. I could have gone for the smaller size and I will know that the next time I order their clothes.

While I was very wrapped up just now doing something on another website, Toby made his way back to the kitchen and used the litter box. I missed all of this, but did catch him on time to give him water and food. It may be my imagination, but I think he is doing a little bit better. He seems to be less unstable, which makes me think that I may postpone my decision. I will have to observe him walking around and I will put Tyke out of the room and get Toby to move around a bit and see how he does. I'm almost afraid to hope it is so, but I must believe in it somehow. I can nurse him a while longer if I have to. There's no reason why I shouldn't wait a few days if I think he's really doing better, unless I'm fooling myself.

I'm not going to bed for the rest of the night, but I'm going to clean up the kitchen instead and sweep the floors. The domestic help can't vacuum the living room and the kitchen with Toby lying in the paper box. He would go into a panic at the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

The Exfactor is coming by today to check on him and he'll be ready to take him to the vet if it is necessary, but I'm not sure now. He can go to the store for me and buy new cat litter for the litter box instead.

It's very cozy sitting here having my glass of milk and cigarette. Tyke is asleep on the coffee table. He's a decorating element just like an art book or a good sized sculpture. When it comes to what to place on the coffee table, I always have to take him into account. He spreads himself out completely. Luckily, it is a large table and there is room for a cup of coffee and an ashtray and a book. I don't get completely crowded out.

I must read some blogs before I get busy. Have a lovely day.



Bernie Wood said...

Nora I hope you are right and that Toby is getting better.
I am just off to bed so I am going to wish you a Happy Monday my friend, sending big hugs....:-)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I think everyone should have a lazy day on Sunday! Hope Monday is a great day for you!

Babaloo said...

Tyke sleeps on the coffee table?!?!?! That is one spoilt dog. :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Toby. All I know is that sick cats seek privacy as opposed to dogs would be more likely to come to you for comfort or help.

Twain12 said...

i think it's a good sign that he is moving a little and still eating and drinking, maybe the antibiotics are working too. i would give it another day or two myself all depends how he is doing. Good luck with the little guy ♥

Frances said...

I agree with Babaloo. Cats like privacy when ill, giving birth or, as you are suspecting, dying.
Hope he is okay, but if he isn't - you have given him a good life.