Friday, August 20, 2010

Another day...

Someone asked to see a picture of my slippers, so I'm including it here. Clearly I'm counting on good weather for a while, at least in August and September, so my toes will get a tan and generally my feet too. I'm planning on wearing them everyday until it gets too cold.

I'm reading Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs and I love her clinical descriptions of the brutally murdered, badly decomposed bodies she has to examine and draw conclusions about. Everything is very graphic, yet I read it with a certain detachment as if I were a forensic anthropologist myself. Doubtlessly, I would not be that composed when faced with the actual evidence itself. Things are very gory and don't leave much to the imagination and you do have to have a stomach for it. As thrillers go, it is a good one and well written. Unfortunately, it fell to the floor during the night and Tyke has torn off the front cover and the last few pages. I hope this doesn't hinder me in finishing the book.

When I let Tyke out back last night in the dark, he started barking very fiercely at something I couldn't see and he would not stop and come in when I called him. I got a flashlight and discovered a large hedgehog sitting in the middle of the patio. I pulled Tyke inside by his collar and hoped the hedgehog would have enough sense to leave. An hour later I looked all around the patio and the flowerbeds with the flashlight and he was gone. Thank goodness for that. Tyke didn't realize what he was messing with.

My personal helper has been here and my domestic help too. I am all set for the weekend. My personal helper motivates me to get the jobs done that I've left for later and helps me get the place ready for the domestic help. I'm always very happy when the domestic help is done on Fridays. I feel like the weekend properly starts when she is gone. I like her a lot, don't get me wrong, but it's great to have a clean apartment all to myself.

I just ordered a coffeemaker on line. I just got an ordinary one because it was inexpensive and I will buy ordinary coffee. I will use up the pads that I have for the ailing Senseo machine and then toss it. I've used another bottle of vinegar in it but it is dying. It is leaking and doesn't want to make full cups of coffee anymore. The Exfactor says that I've had it for 3 years and I used it extensively and I guess its time is up. It served me well, but it's time to say goodbye. I'll sing that song when I get rid of it.

I really need to take a nap now. I feel in my bones that I have one in me and I have kind thoughts toward the sofa. I did sleep okay during the night, but I was up early in the morning when I really wasn't quite done sleeping yet. I did go back to bed, but had to get up on time for the personal helper.

It's really better if I have no appointments in the morning. They need to be as free of commitments as possible, unless I learn to sleep properly at night. No doubt my classes are going to be in the mornings too, so I will have to get used to that. I think I must make myself as busy as possible during the day so that I will be exhausted at night and just fall into my bed and sleep without dreaming. I have been having the oddest dreams lately.

I'm going to lie down on the sofa now and watch the repeats of the news until I fall asleep.

Have a good day!



Babaloo said...

You've got Birkenstocks! Nice ones, too. :)

And I think the Senseo is definitely not worth its money then, if it's dead after 3 years of daily use. It's a very expensive piece of equipment (I checked it out a few weeks ago as I was considering it myself). I'm sure you'll be happy with the ordinary machine! And in the long run you'll save quite a bit of money I'm sure, as the pads are quite expensive.

Maggie May said...

Thanks for showing us the sandals. It was me who asked for a picture.They look really comfy!

Hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and that all will go well. It is cloudy & cool here.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Oh these are comfortable, I have a pair to wear ouside and a pair just for inside. I use to love bare feet but due to my neuropathy I have to wear something all the the time now.
Hope you were able to get more rest, I haven't been up very long myself......:-)Hugs

Frances said...

sounding content. Nice sandals.
So what sort of machine are you getting? filter? espresso?
I have so many different old things to make coffee in, arabic coffee pot, cafetiere, Italian pressure pot, percolator, old coffee jug, filter machine, espresso machine. We use the filter machine most even though it makes my least favourite coffee it ie the easiest to clean and the least troublesome to use... lol, convenience every time.

Gail said...

The sandals look very comfortable.

A weekend to relax, that is a treasure.

Wisewebwoman said...

What colour are they, Nora? They are exactly same ones as my granddaughter's. Hers are purple and she paints her toenails 2 different shades of purple to match.
As to your coffeemaker, pads are hugely expensive.
I have a permanent washable filter in my Krups and use a lovely dark local blend of coffee.
Good for the environment.

Anonymous said...


laurie said...

cute shoes. i can't wear shoes with straps between the toes that way, but i do like them.

and a hedgehog! and you told me you don't have much nature around you! riley barked at some raccoons the other day. fun.