Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the morning...

I think I've slept sufficiently enough and now I'm ready to start the day. I woke up before my alarm clock went off, but I'm fit as a fiddle and wide awake. I'm drinking my first cup of coffee and will have another one shortly. It sure tastes good this morning as coffee does some days. Maybe that's because I just opened a new pack and the coffee is fresh. I inhaled it deeply when I did.

I'm going to see my SPN this morning after failing to see her last week because I slept through the time for the appointment. I will make no such error today. I'm looking forward to seeing her because I've been feeling very sane lately and it will be good to talk to her under those circumstances. Not that I normally feel that crazy, you mustn't get that impression, but lately I know what I'm doing very well. I feel very normal. It's nice to have your head screwed on straight and to know it.

Tyke's tennis ball was temporarily lost, but I just retrieved it from underneath the sofa and needless to say, he's bouncing it around the living room now and pretty soon I'll have to get involved in the game also. Right now he's managing without me. As long as he's amused for a while, I'm happy.

It's cold out today and it's going to rain again. Right now it is only 15C and it's even cool inside, which is about time. I'm wearing my bathrobe because I'm sitting in a draft. I would have been thrilled about that last month, but now my feet are cold. I'm not going to close the windows, though. I won't do that until frost threatens and that's a few months away yet. Knock on wood.

For the past 15 minutes I've hardly been able to type because Tyke has involved me in his game and I've also had to retrieve the tennis ball from hard to get to places numerous times. I think he displaces them on purpose. He comes to me with a sorrowful looking face and leads me to the spot where the ball is stuck. He's so happy when I find it.

I've got to stop writing because I have to get the show on the road. I have to get showered and dressed and take Tyke for a walk. It's not raining yet, so I have to take the opportunity while I can.

I hope you'll all have a good day.



Frances said...

You too, Irene, hope the day goes well.
Glad to hear things are on a level now and hope the chat with your SPN goes well and is productive.


Frances said...

or even hugs

Anonymous said...

Being involved in their games is all the fun of pets, they are so unconditional. Glad to hear you're feeling good right now.

CJ xx

Maggie May said...

Glad you feel so calm and well. :-)
It is good to get Tyke to play ball games like that. Good for you and good for him.

My rabbit only has bursts of activity (box crunching) during mornings and evenings + late at night.Thats when he has his high energy levels. He naps all through the day.

It is quite muggy here with slight drizzle, but I can't say it is cold exactly.
Hope you get on fine with your SPN.
Have a pleasant day. (I sounded like one of those irritating check out people when I said that. Didn't mean it to sound like one!)
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

good to read you are doing well...have a wonderful day

Wisewebwoman said...

Embracing the day - that's what it's all about.