Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I can't seem to get enough sleep today. I've gone back to bed twice now and both times I slept for a few hours. I just got up again and I'm not having any coffee for fear that I'll not be able to sleep tonight. I'm tempted to have coffee, because I want to wipe the cobwebs from my mind, but I'll have to wait for them to disappear naturally. I do want to convince myself that such a thing is possible. That I don't need the caffeine to get up to normal speed again.

The radio/CD player got here and I installed it on the bookshelf beside my bed and have it tuned to talk radio. I fell asleep listening to it this afternoon. It was very pleasant. It is a cute little thing, white and orange and compact with a good sound. It is a good investment.

The Exfactor canceled his visit today. He said his motorcycle wasn't working. It seems to me his motorcycle isn't working very often. He's always getting his hands and clothes dirty repairing it. I have grave doubts about this unconditional love for motorcycles. I think he should get a reliable car. But then again, I'm not married to him anymore, so it's really none of my business.

I have to convince myself to finish this, when all I want to do is lie down in bed and go to sleep. I think I will go put my pajamas on and my bathrobe. I actually don't feel all that great. This is day 6 since I started decreasing my antidepressants and maybe it is catching up with me. I see the black dog pacing.

I hope you all have a nice evening.



Twain12 said...

feel better soon ♥

Wisewebwoman said...

My black dog gave up and paced off your way. I'm sorry.
My bird feeder has cheered me up no end along with a new project and some delicious weather.
I do hope you feel more uplifted with the coming of the new day.

Frances said...

keep him at bay. If you feel you need to up the meds a bit, ask your professionals. Don't carry on reducing if you feel the mood pulling down.


Bernie said...

Hope you are not coming down with something Nora, be well and rest up my friend....:-) Hugs