Sunday, August 15, 2010

To bed, to bed...

I'm supposed to be in bed already. As a matter of fact, I was there until a little while ago after I had already taken my sleep medication, but then I decided that I was still wide awake and I got up again. Apparently, it wasn't cozy enough in bed, although I can hear the sound of the rain and I have clean sheets.

I think I was just not really ready to go to sleep and the animals were distracting me too much with their shenanigans. They kept climbing on top of me making it impossible for me to read my book properly. Tyke was especially breathing down my neck. He does have a way of making his presence known.

All afternoon and evening we have been playing with the tennis ball. That means I have to try and get it away from him and toss it through the apartment without breaking anything and he chases it and comes back to me holding it tantalizingly close to my hands, but just without reach. I have to trick him into letting it go so I can toss it away again.

He never tires of this game and has finally figured out that he has to drop the ball if he wants to get my attention so I will pick it up and throw it. He barks at me to alert me to it. Sometimes the ball disappears underneath the sofa and I have to use the African walking stick to get it out from underneath.

It's been raining nonstop all day. It hasn't let up once. Sometimes it rains a little more and sometimes a little less, but it always rains. It's supposed to rain all night until tomorrow morning and then some. We may get a break later in the day. It's very cozy inside, but I have been unable to walk Tyke. He has been out back for little periods of time and I hope it's been enough to take the pressure off, but he's not begging to go outside. He's been watching the rain steadily fall from the heavens and he doesn't like to get wet.

Besides playing with Tyke, I've been watching sports on television. I've had my share of sports now as I've watched them all afternoon and evening. I even watched football and I watched games I didn't care about. I also watched the European Championships Swimming and that was mildly interesting as we did win some medals, but no gold. Just bronze and silver ones. There was also athletics on and that interested me more having been the mother of the Californian State Champion. I do like athletics having done it myself also when I was young and I'd like to come back as an athlete again in my next life. One without exercise induced asthma which I suffered from.

I also laid on the sofa and watched the rain fall down and felt lucky that I was inside. When it rains, though, I feel very sheltered inside and I don't feel at all depressed or anything. That's probably because I don't have to go out in it. That would change my attitude quite a bit, I'm sure. I would be awful to have to ride my bike in it and I don't have rain gear. My sister had to go to work and had to ride her bike through it and got soaked, but she was very cheerful about it. I would have been a grump most likely.

All the time that I'm typing this, I'm still playing with Tyke and the ball. He can't get enough of it, but I'm going to bed now. It's time to read my book and get comfortable under the duvet. I'm going to make myself a glass of warm milk to help me sleep.

Have a good night.



Maggie May said...

I think you have played ball with Tyke all day by the sound of it.
My rabbit has spent most of the day ripping up a cardboard house that I made him. He goes at it like a demon. When it gets too damaged he goes off the game & waits for a brand new one.
It has not rained all day today & I was so happy to sit in the garden.
I find rain very depressing if it prevents me from going out. It would be nice if it only rained at night.
Hope you sleep very well. I think I will as I feel shattered! Nite nite.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

i enjoy a rainy day here and there and you are a very patient dogie mom

Bernie said...

I love rain, snow and sunshine. I love all the elements. We have been having such nice weather here, I hope it stays this way for a while anyway.
Sleep well my friend.....:-) Hugs

張王雅竹欣虹 said...

感動 + 感恩 + 感謝(。-ˍ-。 )............................................................

Babaloo said...

What a busy day, Tyke must be exhausted. Or is it you who's exhausted?! ;-)

I'm very proud of myself of having taught Honey the 'drop it' command. She doesn't like balls but sticks and twigs. Initially she didn't like letting go of them either but wanted me to chase her - like that was ever gonna happen! So now we're getting on fine because she knows what it means to 'drop it'.

There's been no proper rain here today, just a little drizzle. They forecasted more, so I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.

Have a good night tonight!

Wisewebwoman said...

I also love the rain as if it gives me permission to beg off stuff I don't want to do or engage with anyone.
Your day sounds wonderful w/wee Tyke, what a lovely addition he has been to your life.