Saturday, October 12, 2013

With a sore knee...

It's some time in the middle of Saturday afternoon and I've just done the shopping and hauled the load home on my bicycle. I forgot to take my anti-inflammatory pill on time and now I am sitting here with a very sore knee. I'm actually sore all over the place and I can't wait for the darn pill to work.
But I've got a very fresh cup of coffee and that makes up for a lot, and I turned up the thermostat to get it a bit warmer in here. I wore my down coat and my scarf and gloves when I went to the store. It is that chilly outside.
I took the old shopping list with me instead of the new one that I had just made, and then I had to try and remember what I had written down on it when I was in the store. I think I did a good job, but I can't for the life of me find the new list now that I am home again to check if I forgot anything. This sort of thing has been happening to me a lot lately, and I think it is the early sign of dementia. Either that, or I am loosing my mind.
I am becoming a bit forgetful and I don't really know if I should worry about it. I put a full pot of coffee creamer in the recycle bag the other day, and then spent 5 minutes looking for it. And I am usually more sharp minded than that. Little things like that are happening.
It will thrill you to know that I bought the very good brand of ground coffee, both in regular and decaf. But I am making coffee more sparingly now and never more than two cups at the time so I don't waste any. And did you know that it is more expensive to buy the whole beans as opposed to the ground coffee? Who would have thought that? There is probably a tax on things that taste extra good.


Gail said...

Looking good.

Hope your knee is feeling better now.

Z said...

It's worth the extra to have good coffee. I don't think it's more expensive here to buy beans than ground, either the reverse or the same, I've found.

When you're in pain, your concentration isn't as good. There are tricks you can try to test your mental agility - such as counting down from 100 in 7s or, if you could never have done that, spelling words backwards.