Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tai Chi Chuan.

I am almost falling asleep, although I am having my second cup of coffee, and I have to do something mentally active, like write this blog post, to keep me awake. Maybe I will be in great shape in a little while, but until that time, I have to dig deep to find the mental and physical ability to write. Digging deep is used metaphorically here of course. I would hate to have to actually dig a hole now.
Yesterday morning I had my first Tai Chi class and some experience it was too. It turned out that I had to be very graceful and coordinated to do the exercises and those things are not my strongest points. You know how it is said that white people can't dance because they don't have any feeling for rhythm? Well, I was one of them. I had to be constantly corrected in everything I did and I felt like the proverbial bull in the china closet, just as clumsy.
Of course, the other people in the group had already done the summer session and maybe more, so they were a bit better instructed and experienced than I was. But those exercises are a total work out and the instructor does not spare you and tells you if it hurts, then you are doing something wrong, and it turns out he is right and that's when I have to change something in my position.
It is called, Tai Chi Chuan, and that means the movements are a bit more graceful and slowly executed. It is almost like doing a dance and you do have to remember that many movements, which is confusing at first. No doubt I will get better at this over time, because I intend to persevere and stick with it no matter how self conscious I felt at times. You can't be embarrassed about what you are doing wrong because there is no place to hide and you can't walk away. It is not for sissies. The instructor is tough and does not allow for excuses, although he does have his own brand of humor.
There is no doubt about it that this is good for my body and aches and pains. I feel less discomfort now, just like I did after the yoga class, and I think that will only be more so as I get better at the exercises, so I can't wait until the next time. I am glad that I will be doing three sorts of sports activities, because I think the one will enhance the others.
I got my yoga mat delivered yesterday, so I am now a legitimate member of the yoga community. My daughter had sent me the money to get a good one, so I did not get one of the flimsy ones that they sell at the discount stores at bulk prices. Since my daughter is a yoga teacher, I am sure she would not have approved, but I would not have liked a real thin one either. There has to be as much comfort as possible at all times.   

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Connie Rose said...

So glad the new regimen is working out for you...I'm proud of you! Have a great weekend! xo