Saturday, October 26, 2013

An attempt...

I will try to write a blog post, but I am not sure if I can because I am somewhat stuck in a phase of sleepiness that I can't seem to get out of no matter what I try to do against it. I have had coffee and lemonade and heated up pasta, and maybe now I am beginning to feel a slight improvement. Instead of going back to bed, I am stubbornly staying up to do battle with this lethargy until I am over it. I would say that it is almost useless, but the small lucid moments give me hope.
Yesterday was a bit of a busy day and that may explain my sleepiness tonight. I don't often have such 'fun packed' days. It started off with Tai Chi Chuan, which I have to say I did with more grace and suppleness than the time before it, but then I was determined that I should. I paid very close attention to how exactly the exercises were done and remembered enough of them from the last time so that I did not makes as many of the same mistakes. I realized that the trick was all in the slowness with which they were done and I tried not to hurry through them and that did make a difference.
The thing is, that we do each exercise for a long time, so we really test our muscles and our endurance and sometimes that does not work out so well for my knee and I have to take a break for a minute and then start up again. Sometimes I just have to make a minor adjustment in my posture and that takes away the pain or most of it. When the hour is up, you do long for the cooling down and are ready for it to be over, but maybe that will change as I get better and stronger and last as long as the teacher does.
When I got home from Tai Chi, I had time for a cup of coffee and then I had to walk to the doctor's office for my appointment there, where we discussed my visit with the rheumatologist and the osteoarthritis in my knee. She said there was no law that I had to go to the rehab center and that it was strictly up to me, and she was impressed that I had started doing sports instead. She said for the osteoarthritis I can take double the amount of paracetamol before I do physical activity and that it should make a difference. She has no problem with me taking the Celebrex for anti-inflammatory medicine if it works so well. And I have to be tested for the vitamin D deficiency after I have been taking the supplement for 3 months.
Then it was home again for lunch and to take Tyke for a walk. I changed clothes and hopped on my bike to go see my psychiatrist and had a satisfying talk with him. I told him about my realization that I am 50% responsible for what happens in my relationships with other people, and that I shouldn't always assume that I am right and know everything and that whatever goes wrong is their fault. I did ask him why I came to this knowledge so late in life, but he told me not to break my head about it because some people got very old without ever finding that out.
On my way home, I did the grocery shopping and went 15 Euros over my budget, but everything I got was necessary. It did hurt me to have to pay that kind of money at the check out stand, but it couldn't be helped. Some of the items I got will last two weeks, but there were other things that I decided not to get now that I will still have to buy later. I think I will go to that discount store that is close by and see how cheap their washing liquid is and the fabric softener.
My daughter sent me the money to cover the cost of the yoga cushion, so I won't have to worry about running out of money because of that. I really can't afford any unexpected expense. The budget is that tight.
I am looking forward to the fact that today is Saturday. I think my knee deserves the break. Luckily, a box of paracetamol only costs 90 cents, so I don't have to be frugal with it. Oh, and I am wide awake now.


Wisewebwoman said...

I've been diving into the freezer to haul out previously frozen meals. I need to budget a lot better. Everything is increasing in costs, it is frightening.

I like frugal as it means I make even my own bread.

Your exercise regime sounds really good, all the muscles are getting a workout. It can only help once your body is in tune with it all.


Maggie May said...

I used to do Tai Chi too but found it hurt my back. The instructor kept telling me to straighten my back and I can't because its a bit misshapen......... so I left!
Hope you get on better than that.
Maggie x

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