Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The after effects...

I have a sore rear end from doing yoga yesterday morning and I really thought I had enough padding there to prevent that from happening, but maybe it is because there are muscles there that I had not used in a while. That sounds reasonable, doesn't it, although I never thought of that area of my body as having muscles before. It hurts when I walk and sit down, so in effect, it hurts all the time, but it is a good kind of pain that makes me think I really did some work and it was all worthwhile.
The rest of me feels pretty good, but whatever sore muscles I may have, may be camouflaged by the pain pills I am taking. But last week I felt pretty good afterwards too, except for some sore stomach muscles, so I am probably doing the exercises right and am not doing major damage to my body while I attempt to twist and turn in every direction. I have to say, though, that I am not that bendable, and am actually kind of stiff, so when the instructor says, "Twist your upper body way to the left," I don't go as far left as the rest of the people.
I had to order a yoga cushion on line yesterday, because when I sit in the lotus position, I can't get my knees close enough to the ground, and also, my back is not straight enough and I have the tendency to slouch. I tried out someone else's yoga cushion and it made quite a bit of difference, and having my own will improve the way I sit and do the exercises. I will subsequently have less pain and discomfort. The yoga cushion is 6 inches high and filled with barley, I think. I got the 'chakra' one and that is supposed to be good. Hopefully, it will also help me chant better at the start and the end of class because I always have to take an extra breath halfway through the chant.
Having no activity planned for today, I want to look up a yoga video on You-Tube and work out on my own. I would very much miss not doing any kind of exercise and I would actually like to do yoga every day because it would keep me supple. I also like what it does to my mind and how it keeps me peaceful for the rest of the day. There must be a subtle way it works on my endorphins.
That was a very long and complicated way of saying that I like to do yoga.

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Connie Rose said...

They're called glutes -- gluteus maximus!