Friday, October 25, 2013

Gently down the stream...

In anticipation of the upcoming trip to the grocery store, I already made a shopping list, and when I totaled the cost of it, it came out way over my budget. That would not do at all, so I had to scrap some items from the list and that included some that were bonus items like the second one at half the price. If you can't afford it, is not a good deal no matter what. Now I've ended up with a very messy shopping list that I have crossed out items on and have added cheaper ones to, and that only I can makes sense of, but I will be the one that uses it, so unless I have a major brain lapse, it should serve me well.
My real motivation for making the list already, is that I am running low on coffee and the minute I do, I want to be able to grab the shopping bags and my wallet and hop on my bike to do the groceries, hopefully without leaving the grocery list at home. And it will be a challenge to get out of the store at a lower total than the new one I have added up so far, although it is inevitable that I buy some things that I simply can not do without. Of course, I also do have to buy Tyke a new rawhide bone because he has obliterated the old one. There is not a piece of it left. At least he made this one last for two weeks.

The pain in my left gluteus maxima (that is my left bun muscle) has dissipated quite a bit after one day of rest and I don't get up and move around like an old lady anymore. I find that the firmer the seat
to sit on, the better I do, so a soft pillow is not at all helpful. You think you are mollycoddling yourself, but you are doing just the opposite. I should do great at Tai Chi Chuan today, were it not for my lack of grace and co-ordination. I can be elegant only spontaneously and I don't have very flexible hips. I would never make a good belly dancer and it's a good thing I was not born into that culture. I do have a good lap for a cat to sit in.
I got the letter with the appointment for the rehabilitation center in the mail yesterday and enclosed with it were three psychological tests, which made me laugh out loud in disbelieve. I called up to cancel the appointment and to tell them that I thought it was an insult to have them send me those  tests so casually out of the blue. One of them at least was a personality test and all of them diagnosis to find out about what sort of psychiatric disorder I may have. I think they are being awfully presumptuous. I have a bipolar disorder and that is in my records and they should be making an effort to contact my psychiatrist instead of going off on a half-baked mission to treat a rheumatic disorder.
I am glad that I am seeing my GP today because my knee is bothering me an awful lot and it seems to be a non ending battle. It is the only place in my body that the anti-inflammatory medicine doesn't have much effect on. Looking back on it now, I haven't got much faith in what the orthopedic surgeon told me the last time, or even the surgery he did on it. I always had much pain on the opposite side of where the tear was supposed to be in my meniscus and that pain never did get addressed. The surgery is another thing I have become very cynical about. Medical hands are not necessarily good ones to be in.
I have to remember to 'live in the moment' and to not get excited about what has been and about what may be. Not everything should be rehashed and anticipated. It is okay to absolutely have a nearly blank mind and only occupy myself with sitting here and enjoying the silence and the solitude and the taste of my cup of coffee. To be totally at ease, just like the animals are when they lie in sisterly and brotherly love on the sofa together.




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Wisewebwoman said...

I am so glad you are back to photographing your loved ones and surroundings again :)

As you wrote about grocery lists I was thinking I should computerize mine and price things to live within a budget as I need to do.

thanks for firing that thought off in my head.