Monday, October 14, 2013

Things like that also happen...

I can tell you that my darn knee is giving me a break and is not hurting so much right now. I thought that maybe it was a problem when I sat behind the computer, but maybe I was wrong and it just has a mind of its own and decides to bother me whenever it feels like it arbitrarily. In this way my life always does deliver surprises and one moment is never like the other. The unpredictability of it does have its charms, I suppose, in that it keeps me on my toes.
Yesterday, when I was fixing dinner and slicing a green pepper, I cut into my left thumb also which quickly started to bleed, so I grabbed a Band-Aid out of the kitchen drawer and applied it to the wound. It didn't help much and it was drenched in blood very soon. When I got the chance, I wrapped a bandage around it and while I ate my dinner, watched it turn red also. It was the second bandage that I put on it after dinner that finally did the job, and now I am sitting here typing somewhat awkwardly with my thumb wrapped up.
I am right handed and am amazed by how many things I do with my left hand. I keep having to reinvent the way I do the most ordinary things, such as taking my medicines out of their sealed wrappers. I often thought I was just as much left handed as I was right handed and this proves the point.
Wrapping up my thumb did make me realize that I have to resupply the first aid box which I have slowly been plundering over the years and which is now very incomplete. In case of a catastrophe, it would not be sufficient at all and I may have to get a complete new one to be really on the safe side. It's an expensive I will have to consider making when I am more able to spend the money, or maybe I can ask for it for a Christmas present. You see how I always have practical wishes on my lists for birthdays and the like. When you are not financially very solvent, you have to think about such things.
Because the fur around Tyke's eyes had gotten so long, and they almost started to disappear behind it, I trimmed it yesterday. Tyke went along with it, although he did put up a little bit of passive resistance to let me know that he did not quite like this as much as I liked trimming it. In the end, his eyes did reappear and he now has a whole new look on the world. He looks very bright eyed and startled  as if he is amazed at what he sees, but I think he is happier for it.
When I was at  the store last, I bought herbal butter to put on my toast and I must say that it is a great enjoyment. I think there is a lot of garlic in it and I am now considering making my own herbal butter, because the containers of it are small and relatively expensive. I also bought a new jar of Italian herbs, so that would do just fine.
I accidentally bought some very expensive olive oil that I thought was on sale, and it didn't realize the real price of it until I saw it on the cash register receipt when I got home. I will be bringing that bottle back to the store this morning to exchange it for a cheaper one and I will also be buying more of the cat food that Gandhi turns out to really like. I bought some to try out and it was a success. Anything to make her happy.   

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Rob-bear said...

Yes, it sounds like time to refill the first aid box. Or time to stop doing impromptu surgery on yourself.

Tyke looks very content (perhaps a bit too content?), and Gandhi seems pensive. Good companions, those two.

Blessings and Bear hugs!