Wednesday, October 30, 2013

With a cat on my lap...

Gandhi has been trained to sit quietly on my lap when I sit behind the computer and to not touch the keyboard. This took a couple of efforts, but she caught on after a while and now behaves very well. She likes sitting on my lap so very much, that she is willing to go along with the program and also waits for me patiently to come back when I have to get up to get something to drink. In her advanced age, she is behaving more and more like a very settled cat, but more than anything, seeks out my company all the time. We have been doing an awful lot of bonding lately and even Tyke has come to accept it and does not get jealous. Gandhi and I must be having our golden years together.
I finished the book that I was reading at night before I went to sleep and I must say that it took me long enough. For fun, I am reading the footnotes in the back of it, but they make me sleepy quickly and I have another book ready to read. It is a book from the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts and represents a selection of their collection. I got the book at the museum store when I was visiting it about two decades ago. I used to go to museums a lot and as a rule bought something from whatever shop there was. I can't afford to do that anymore.
I don't want to read a novel with a plotline and made up characters and I am going to stick to non fiction for now. Whatever is factual will do and I hope I have enough books like that on my bookcase. I may have to resort to borrowing reading material from the Exfactor now that I will be visiting him regularly, or have him bring books home for me from the library, where he is almost every day to read the newspapers. I can look up whatever interests me on the website and have him get it. That way I won't have to pay for a library card.
I am becoming more interested in reading, but for right now, mostly as a way of gathering and taking in information. I don't feel the need so much to become lost in a made up story about the fictional lives of other people. I learned a lot from reading 'A short history of nearly everything' and I hope to read more books like it. I wonder if having better glasses also makes a difference and having the book close to my face also does. And of course, having good enough light from the lamp on the nightstand. I suppose all these little things add up.
I wear my glasses inside the apartment and even when I do the dishes, so I know they get clean and sparkling, but as soon as I have to go outside I take the glasses off. I am too vain to be seen with them on, especially with my hair cut the way it is now. I have a hair appointment in the morning and I am going to have it cut quite a bit shorter because it is too long now and I literally can't do a thing with it. I know women always say that, but it is true in my case. I may have a lot of hair, but it is very straight and has no body, so it just hangs there doing nothing for me whatsoever.
I suppose I will go to bed now and look forward to a good night's sleep. Gandhi has deserted me, but she will show up again as soon as I have parked myself in bed with my book and my glass of lemonade.  

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VioletSky said...

I've been in a non-fiction mood for quite awhile now. Bill Bryson has a new book out, but I find I'm not enjoying it as much as I had hoped.