Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Drinking a cup and a half...

I've got a spare minute before I have to leave to go talk to my therapist, which is really not something I am looking forward to that much at all. My talks with my psychiatrist are much more satisfying and I really don't know what I am even going to talk about with my therapist, who by a long shot doesn't get the very best out of me at all. I very seldom feel that I can talk about anything of value or importance with her, because she doesn't seem to have all that much insight or great wisdom, and I don't think she possesses all that much depth. The one good thing that you can say about that, is that I have learned to function independently much quicker. I never felt that I could rely on her.
I certainly do feel a lot better now that my NSAID is working and I have no discomfort and no grouchy attitude, because I did have one earlier this morning and it lasted for a long enough time that it was even bothering me. I honestly do get in the way of myself and walk around here mumbling evil spells that are directed at no one else but me for the first 20 minutes or so. I also ought to inhale caffeine even quicker than I do already and maybe I ought to submerge my face in a whole sink full of it. I should definitely not wait with taking my medicines until after I have had my coffee, but take it immediately, no matter how incapable I think I am. I tell you, it is tough to do your rituals at the right speed in the morning.
I am washing a load of clothes and I can't wait to hang them up to dry, which I will have to do inside because rain is predicted. It has really become autumn and the leaves are turning yellow and red. The temperature is dropping and there is a stiff breeze and the air feels crisp. I enjoy walking outside in conditions like these as long as I have my down coat on. It is the kind of air you want your laundry to smell like, but alas. I am sure there will be days when the sun will be out and I will dry the laundry outside again.
I have changed my clothes twice this morning before I was happy with what I had on. The first outfit just didn't work out at all when it came to the color combination. I did put all those clothes back where they came from and didn't, like a teenager, leave them lying all over the place. It helps that I am organized and that there is a place for everything, so it is not frustrating to put them away. The only problem I have, is that some of the clothes want to slide of their hangers and that does drive me mad. I hate to find stuff in the bottom of the closet all wrinkled. Because I do not like ironing, that does present me with a bit of a problem.

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