Tuesday, October 29, 2013

and don't forget the yoga cushion!

Much to my disgust, I am awake at a time when I was planning on being asleep, but you know about well laid plans. Well, I know there is some sort of saying about them, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is now. I don't really mind being up and if I use my imagination a little bit, I could even say that it is early in the morning and that any minute now, somewhere in the countryside, a rooster is going to crow. It is just not going to be within my hearing distance, which is a bit of a shame. It would have been the perfect wake up call for me.
It's a shame that I can't say, "I'll sleep until the crowing rooster wakes me up," and then very soundly do so. Maybe I have to move to a farm and sleep every night in a fresh stack of hay.
After my yoga class this morning, I am going to visit the Exfactor for the first time at his place. I have never been there before, because I never had reason to be in his neck of the woods and in my imagination, he lived at the end of the civilized world. I didn't realize how relatively close his house is to my apartment and had never really looked it up on the map. Both my yoga class and the tai chi class are very close to where he lives, so I can pop in for a cup of coffee often, but I will always give him ample warning so he can tidy up.
I am undecided if I am actually going to join the walking group on Thursdays at all and I heard somewhere yesterday, that if you have pain in your joints, it is better for your whole body to ride a bike than it is to walk. I am finding out that having two activities to go to, besides my usual commitments, is enough for me to handle and that I may not want to take on more. I think what I really have to do, is see how I feel about it this Thursday morning, and if the weather is good, decide then. I will have to let my instincts guide me because they will know best. I do have to trust myself to make the right decision. The last time I looked, I was still in charge.
As is usual, I am sitting here with a huge pain in my knee and I will have to take a paracetamol and stop sitting behind the computer. The advantage of getting up and moving about is, that I will get chores done before I have to go to yoga.

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