Friday, October 18, 2013

What a poor performance...

Yesterday morning, attired in proper walking boots, I set off on my bike to join up with the walking group at he meeting point I had read about on the city's website, but when I got to the many sport fields I could not find it. I looked high and low and in every nook and cranny for 15 minutes, but I could find no walking group and went home disappointed.
Once I got there, I sent an email to the appropriate person in charge of the sports program and some time later got a response. I had been close, but they had changed their meeting place just a little and that is why I had been unable to find them. I should have walked around the indoor swimming pool toward the Jeux de Boules courts. So you see, careful instructions were necessary.
I was a bit bummed out about this, but will be more than ready to go next week now that I've checked out the location. I will probably become their most eager walker for having had to make all the effort.
I do have to tell you that I now have sore stomach muscles from having done the yoga and I think that is a good sign, because I expect some results from that. It is the only place where my muscles ache, but I think after this morning's Tai Chi session, I will have more of them. As long as it means less fat and tightly toned muscles, I am not complaining, but that is not the main reason why I am doing it of course.
My main reason for doing these sports is to help me deal with the pain of the osteoarthritis and the 'fibromyalgia.' I want to get my body and mind in good enough shape and balance so that the pain is at a minimum and my mind is elevated to a 'higher sphere' where there is more peace and serenity. I think doing these sports is a better way to achieve that than to go to the rehabilitation center and undergo their regime of therapies, which I think is a much too serious way to deal with it. I do want some amount of lightheartedness and humor in my life.
Instead of walking, I ended up cleaning up my computer which was having temper tantrums. I am happy to say that it worked out well and it is now functioning like an obedient child with a high IQ.
It is high time that I go grocery shopping because I am just about out of ground coffee and I don't think I will make it last until the weekend. It would be a disaster if I ran out before that time. I suppose I will be making a shopping list later this morning. At least I enjoy the fine art of grocery shopping and trying to get the most for my money, so it is not a punishment.
I know what I want to eat the coming week and one of those things will be a broccoli mash with the potatoes and the broccoli that the Exfactor was kind enough to bring me. He got the broccoli on sale for a ridiculously small amount of money at the Aldi in Belgium where he often shops. The potatoes where some of many he gathered from a field that were left over after a harvest machine gathered the majority of them. It is legal to do that. They get plowed under otherwise. Thank goodness that the harvest machine is not 100% efficient.
Food of every kind is on my mind...

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Wisewebwoman said...

Goodonya for being so committed to health.

And that mash sounds divine and the price so right... :)