Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another one bites the dust...

Those of you who live in Britain will know what sort of weather we are having here and will understand why I didn't get on my bike this morning to go to the service at the St. Jan's Church. It certainly was stormy and when I took Tyke for a walk, I almost got blown off my feet. This morning it was also raining and I did not feel much like getting exposed to the elements. I will try again next Sunday, when hopefully Mother Nature will be looking on us more kindly.
I had not planned on being home this morning and had to find something to do to fill up my time. As it was, I had slept very well all night, but I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour and woken up early because we had set the clocks back one hour. I must say that I liked the way I felt when I woke up and decided I was done sleeping. I made sure I checked with myself and there was no doubt about it. I looked forward to my cups of coffee very much, but I did not sit there with an addled mind like I do when I have been interrupted in my sleep.
I now see how important it is to not force myself to stay up after I have gone to the toilet late at night. I always thought that I would be unable to go back to sleep immediately when I'd gone back to bed, but I need not have worried at all, because I do right away the moment I put my head down on the pillow. Tyke patiently waits for me to wake up in the morning and then scoots up from the bottom end of the bed to greet me. He does pin me down beneath the duvet so I can't get up and I have to forcibly remove him. He then very cozily goes back to sleep while I get up and he doesn't show up in the living room until an hour later.
Luckily, I did have a few chores to do and I did them mindfully, without the least bit of haste. It seems to me that I have been doing laundry more often, but then again, I have been looking for reasons to. It's a chore I enjoy doing because I like nothing better than wearing clean clothes and sleeping between clean sheets.
Doing the dishes is a very simple thing because I have the same ones every day and it has become a routine job. I don't have to think about it while I do them and they only take minutes. I do enjoy having my hands in the warm water and I think this is therapeutic for my joints. I do wish I had a bathtub because soaking in very warm water would be therapeutic for my whole body. Taking a shower is just not the same thing.
I take short naps in the afternoon after lunch and they are hardly worth calling naps. All I basically do is nod off over my book for half an hour or so and get a sore wrist from having leaned on my hand with my chin. It almost speaks for itself that I am somewhat grumpy when I get up and do not like myself, but the thing to remember is to drink a cup of coffee and those negative feelings will disappear as snow for the sun. I don't know if other people feel this way when they wake up from a nap, but it is a terrible thing and sometimes I just want to be dead. Thank god for caffeine.
While I am writing this, Gandhi is sitting on my lap, which is fine as long as she stays away from the keyboard and I think that is becoming clear to her. I had to push her away from it a few times and then she felt rejected, so she is doing her best not to be a bother now. Cats can be very stubborn, but they do learn things if you are persistent.

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Wisewebwoman said...

Which reminds me to check the weather for tomorrow as I have to go to town - 90KM away so important it is negotiable.

I LOVE naps, don't get enough of them. Like none today but I think the day before yesterday in front of the fire, lying on the comfy couch with my book and I know when it's coming on so take off my glasses and put away the book and 1/2 hour of bliss follows.