Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That was fun!

I had to set the alarm clock yesterday morning to make sure I got up on time to go to the yoga class, and as it was, I really was woken up by it at 7 am. That is unusual for me because I am as a rule up earlier than that. Of course, I had to sit for awhile and do nothing but have my first cup of coffee and become a functioning human being, but after that I was ready to start the day. Tyke even got walked properly and both the animals got fed and given attention like they always do in the morning. And by the way, I have found the greatest cat food for Gandhi that she very eagerly eats.
I rode my bike over to where I had to be (after looking it up on the map) but first could not find the place. Then I realized I was searching on the wrong street and quickly found the right one where a couple of women were waiting by the door of a gym of an elementary school. That group grew bigger until the instructor showed up who turned out not to have a key, and because the school was closed because of the fall break, there was no one to let us in.
While we waited for someone with the keys to show up, we did our warming up exercises outside which made for quite a spectacle on a chilly autumn morning. Little did we care though. Soon the person with the keys showed up and we could go inside to start the class properly.
It was nice in that there were great big mats available to do our yoga on, so that was very comfortable. The gym was also at a nice temperature, so we didn't feel chilled and after a while we were warm enough anyway from doing the yoga. I am happy to say that I did well and could keep up with the rest of the group and did better than two other people who had issues with their bodies. I pretended that I didn't and went along with everything. I had a bit of a problem with doing 'the frog' because of my knee and could only do that 7 or 8 times.
The class lasted an hour and a half and that was just long enough, but I felt real great on my bike ride back home and my body felt really good and it has ever since. It all feels very loosened up and relaxed and as if things are realigned. The thing that is bothering me the most is my left knee and that is where I have the osteoarthritis. I still take the anti-inflammatory pills, but I hardly use any paracetamol.
Beside going to the walking group Thursday morning, I looked on the website to see if there was a yoga class at another location I could take, but they are all too far away from me to comfortably get there on my bike. I did find a Tai Chi class on Friday morning that is not too far away and I will go to it and I am looking forward to that. Hopefully I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the yoga.
Oh, and the instructor spoke the local dialect throughout the whole class and I could understand it as well as I can understand Dutch.


Friko said...

Yoga is an excellent way to get body and mind aligned.
I haven’t done any for years, ever since I broke my leg and now I can’t sit on my heels anymore.

Keep it up, it’ll probably do you a lot of good.

Wisewebwoman said...

There is nothing like embracing our own physicality. No matter how limited we may feel.

I used to love Yoga and Tai Chi. I may start some classes.


Gail said...

That is great! I am glad you are finding your joy.