Sunday, October 13, 2013

Considering everything...

I want to bitch about my darn knee first. It is bothering me so much that I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else, but I have just taken a paracetamol, so I hope that takes care of that. I am sure that is the osteoarthritis that is causing me that pain, and it is not walking around on it that makes it hurt. It is when I sit down with it that it gets bad. I would say that it is a real pain in the neck, but I get that for other reasons. Well, you just want to moan and groan when a body part hurts relentlessly. And I can't take an anti-inflammatory pill, because it's not time yet.
I just hand fed Tyke a bunch of his kibbles until he started to eat them by himself and finished what was left in his bowl. He really wanted a treat, but I wasn't about to give him one. I figured if he was really hungry, he would eat the kibbles. He is quite contend now and has gone to sleep in a most uncomfortable spot where I will trip over him if I get up. I guess he wants to make sure that I am aware of his presence, as if I would forget about him.
Someone informed me that there are community sports available for free and I went to the city's website yesterday to find out what was on offer. I actually managed to find a yoga class that's not too far from me (only a 15 minute bike ride) and also a walking club a little bit closer by. The yoga class is on Tuesday morning and the walking club is on Thursday morning, so that would be perfect. I am going to try both of them next week and see how well I like them.
Luckily, I have good walking boots, so I am all set for that. I don't have a yoga mat, but I hope that they have an extra one available there, so all I will have to bring is a towel. I do have comfortable enough clothes. It is going to take a little bit of courage to initially go to both of these activities and I do need a cheering section. Tell me that you would also need to find your courage if you were to do this.
I just relented and took the anti-inflammatory pill. I am an hour and a half early, but that is just too bad. I can't stand the pain any longer. I have to take them every 12 hours, so I am sure that it's not all that awful if I take this one a bit early. I'm tough, but I'm no fool and I'm not going to suffer if I don't have to.


Gail said...

I would love these classes and I'm sure every one will be encouraging and supportive.

I would have to put my big girl panties on to be brave enough to go.

Hope your pain eases soon.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to hear about the ongoing pain. It can be a real nuisance for sure. Here's hoping that some medication and mild exercise keep the pain down.

Blessings and Bear hugs!