Thursday, October 17, 2013

Talk about having some more fun.

Yesterday I went with my sister to the not too small but quaint village of Meersen, which is just a couple of kilometers outside of Maastricht. It is a lovely place with a pretty center with some stately homes that look like they ought to belong in a town because they have that much pretention. There is a small square with a church and outdoor cafes surrounding it and the small shopping streets leading off of that. Everywhere you look there are very old but restored buildings that make your heart weep with their handsomeness.

We walked through the shopping streets and entered some of the stores, one of which was a very good women's clothing store where we saw everything that we wanted to add to our wardrobe. As a matter of fact, we both could have bought a whole new one there, but we would have had to be independently wealthy and sadly enough, neither one of us is, although we both dress like it. We were not out of place there anyway. We left the place with empty hands and hurried to another store that was much cheaper and where they had a sale.
We had lunch on a terrace in the sunshine of a café that served some pretty good food, and we both had a lunch that included freshly baked, locally ground, miller's bread with locally made mustard. I had slices of young cheese on mine with assorted greens and to say that it tasted great would have been an understatement.
They also served some very nice coffee there and it was just the pick me up that we needed. It came with chocolates that they must have a secret supplier for, because my sister, who ate both of them, said they were the best she ever tasted. We did see a bonbonniere in one of the shopping streets and that was probably where they came from. But we were both smart enough not to go in there and buy a box.  

We took a peek inside the church, but it was being restored and I could not get a real good photo of the inside. It was impressive enough for a village that is now a place for forensics.

We also walked around a bit on the smaller cobblestoned paths and admired the more quiet parts of the village and admired the restored homes. I saw one that I liked very much that sat a bit higher than the path we walked on and seemed to have an interesting garden. Right behind it was the village green and I thought it was the perfect location.
What can I say? I have the taste and wishes of a rich woman and I will never get that out of my system. It must be the patrician DNA that flows in my blood. 



Rob-bear said...

Glad you and your sister had such a fine time. Your adventure sounds wonderful.

Life is difficult when you have champagne tastes and a beer budget!

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Maggie May said...

That was lovely to be able to share your trip out with your sister. Always good to see places of interest in another country!

Just noticed how curly Tyke is in the picture on the sidebar!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Gail said...

That sounds like a wonderful adventure.

Beautiful pictures.